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Bratton contact approved in Oakland: Fascism Alive in Oakland & SF Bay Area
by repost
Wednesday Jan 23rd, 2013 6:02 AM
The Oakland City Council, all Democrats, approved the police consulting $250,000 contract of an open fascist, William Bratton, around 2 a.m., when most people had gone home, on January 23, 2013, right after Martin Luther King weekend in a 7 to 1 vote with Desley Brooks dissenting. Only the elimination of poverty stops crime; that $250,000 would go a long way to alleviating poverty. For more on the background of all the City Council members, see
From: http://oaklandlocal.com/article/bratton-coming-oakland?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Quotable quotes:
"After eight hours and hundreds of forum speakers, the Oakland City Council adopted the police consulting contract for William Bratton and Bob Wasserman requested by Oakland Police Department Chief Howard Jordan."

"More than 200 people registered for speaking time, and hundreds more spectators filled the council chambers and several viewing rooms."

From reposter: That is why we say the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are the twin parties of war and fascism. You have to vote Peace & Freedom and Green if you want to eliminate war and fascism.