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A Call to End Femicide and Drug Cartels in Juarez
by Anaid Carreno
Tuesday Dec 11th, 2012 10:10 PM
The increase of violence and little to no action by the Mexican government to end the problems create deaths of innocent people. Women and girls are being murdered and nothing is done. By bringing awareness to the issue there are different activists working to solve the issue and end the violence.
“Femicide refers to a system of violence that results from state policies that create social, cultural, and economic, and political inequalities and inequities for women and girls.”- Abby Lippman: A Call to Fight Feminicide, in Juarez and Beyond, October 19, 2012.
Gender inequality and violence towards women have been evident and existent; even though we have made progress there are still traces of what is the remains of the male dominance roles. In the city of Juarez, Mexico the inequalities have escalated to the point where women are being abused in more ways than one. In 2010 there has been a record of 15,273 homicides which are linked to drug violence. To further understand the complexities of the issue linking government policies and the drug cartels, it is important to define the issue which is the violence against women just because of they are women. Among the many atrocities they are being raped, abused physically, and murdered. Women who are targeted are not just adults among them are girls form age 6. It is evident that there is something wrong with the government, its policies and its priorities when it comes to creating equality of its citizens. There is an obvious attack on women specifically and there is little or nothing been done to stop it.
There have been cases of women being tortured, murdered, or have disappeared. There have been a number of organizations fighting against these injustices of ongoing murders of women in various structures of patriarchy found in societal ideology and state policies as well. Political change needs to occur in order to end feminicide. Women’s rights activists have traveled to Mexico earlier in January 2012 and they discovered continuing increasing deaths of women and girls since 2006. This continues to happen even after the special agencies and programs that were set up by the Mexican government to address the violence against women. During the past presidential election in Mexico, students among others demonstrated against the partnership of the Mexican government and its contribution to crime and corruption.
Protests continue to occur in hope that Enrique Pena Nieto will listen to their demands and establish conditions where full human rights are guaranteed for women an all citizens. As his leadership continues it seems that his administration will only continue the practices of the pre-established governments and do little or nothing to end violence towards women. Citizens are skeptical and feel intimidated that he will continue to prioritize the militarization of the fight against drug cartels and fail to stop them then punish the corruption within the police and army but do nothing to end the murders of women and girls. Protests and activism will continue and will hopefully gain enough power to end violence.
-Anaid Carreno