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Women in the Election
by Camille Swain
Saturday Dec 8th, 2012 7:38 PM
This op-ed has to do with women's issues in the election. When this o-ed was written the election was going on and greatly influenced my writing
Women in the Election
By Camille Swain

Every four years the presidential election comes around. Last election we really broke some barriers that most people didn’t think we could, we elected an African American president. It proved to me that there is hope for change in the future. Although this election wasn’t as ground breaking there were still some major topics to be covered. In this election there have been many key discussion points that both candidates have brought up. While these issues may not be as big as some in the past, or even some others in the political arena today, they are still vital to everyday life. Some of these discussion points revolve around women’s issues. Although there are many different issues in the political realm I feel like this one hits close to home.
Women have progressed so much over the years. If you look back in history women have made some major improvements. Since the beginning of women’s rights there has always been progress, but there is still a lot further to go. We have changed our title multiple times over the years. We have moved from the domestic sphere to the job sphere, gained the right to vote and many other things over the years. Women have a lot of ground to still cover. We still are not paid the same as men nor have same medical benefits. Along with these inequalities politicians believe they have the right to define the different atrocities that happen to women, like rape and abortion. Even though we have made this much progress there is still so far to go.

Even though there are many different policies and issues in the election we all are affected differently by them. In this election cycle I have noticed a lot of focus on women’s issues. These issues really affect me personally because I am a woman. There are many different issues that have been brought up this election from abortion to pay equity. According to Tara Culp-Ressler in her article titled “The Top Ten Issues at Stake for Women in Today’s Election” on the top ten issues in the current election are; “health care cost…pay equity…the supreme court…resources for survivors of sexual assault…funding for planned parenthood…state-level abortion legislation…maternity care…Medicaid expansion…marriage equality and adoption rights…representation in congress.” Even though these issues revolve around women they affect everyone. These issues affect everyone because women are a very important part of society; we care for kids and have the “second shift” we work at home. This “second shift” means how women typically come home from work and then go right into their second job of taking care of their families and household. If these policies come into action it would not only mean a better standing for women, but also for those whom they support. While these may seem like a lot of issues they are all pressing and important issues.

This election has brought up that there are a lot more issues for women to overcome. Even though there may have been more pressing issues in the political realm. The economy and immigration being two topics that some people think are more important than women’s issues. Yet the presidential candidates brought up the topic of women’s health in their political campaigns. This has opened the doors for many opportunities for improvements in the women’s world. If we all work together to bring these policies and issues to the forefront we can truly make a change for the better. Just think about it, why wouldn’t women be paid the same, or have equal opportunities to men? Hopefully in the next 4 years we as women will be able to come through this election to find new possibilities.

I am a senior at Sonoma State. I have been studying sociology. In the future I hope to be able to work in a Human Relations department in diversity issues. This term I am taking a social movements class that has provoked me to look into social issues more.