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DefendJodie, Week 4
by Debbie Notkin (kith [at]
Friday Nov 30th, 2012 2:01 PM
Report on #defendjodie home defense, upcoming movie night, and upcoming phone blast campaign.
Friday, November 30, 1:30 p.m.

Sorry for the week's silence!

First and foremost, Jodie is still in her home! Resting quietly as this post is being written.

She has gotten yet another nonresponsive "response" from Morgan Stanley and we are planning a new phone campaign for Tuesday, 12/4. Watch our page for details on who to call and what kinds of things to say.

We didn't have a movie night this week because of the rain forecast, but movie night is planned for next Thursday, 12/6. The movie will be Up. Another reason to watch our page for details.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we will be canvassing the neighborhood and some Alameda gathering spots, rain or shine. We'll be letting people know about Jodie's fight, movie night, and upcoming plans. Want to join us? Email, or just show up here at 2pm. We'll be glad to see you.

One of the most regular home defenders has this to say:

We are doing really well. The shift list is frikking huge, we have interest and commitments still coming our way, and the scene at the house is really positive. You never know who you will be hanging out with for the most part and it is serving as a great way to knit people together and spur ideas and solidarity.

Oh Pat came by again...

P: Has there been any trouble?
me: Nope. It's been pretty quiet actually.
P: Well.... Ya disappointed? We could use a little confrontation!

I LOVE PAT! (To read more about Pat, go to the diary page and scroll down to November 12.)
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