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Title: Lodging 647(e) Trial: Jury Selection Begins
START DATE: Monday November 05
TIME: 1:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Location Details:
California Superior Court for Santa Cruz County
701 Ocean St, (at Water St.)

Judge Rebecca Connolly, Dept/Courtroom #1, Santa Cruz
Event Type: Court Date
Contact NameLinda Ellen Lemaster
Email Addresshomes4everyone [at] yahoo.com
Phone Number
Finally the Lodging 647(e) Trial for Linda Lemaster Begins

Jury selection starts at 1:30 pm. Likely rest of court's day.

Arguments likely start tomorrow, 11 - 6, start time yet to be announced. (look for comment here once time's confirmed)

Added to the calendar on Friday Nov 2nd, 2012 9:48 PM

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§Lemaster Lodging 647(e) Trial, Day Two
by Linda Ellen Lemaster Tuesday Nov 6th, 2012 1:47 AM
Thanks, Sylvia, for posting the court hours! And everyone, for your sympathy and support.

I have survived sitting still for over three hours Monday (only one coughing bout). Let's see if I can survive my own lodging trial intact?

Meeting my attorneys tomorrow early, then court at 10 am. It is tangible and wonderful to have so much support from friends and from our Occupy network.

Today, the DA added two videos to the allowed evidence, which he said he found on You Tube, of me at PeaceCamp2010. I suspect we have anonymous to thank for the marketing? I never knew I was on you-tube! And as of today the definition for "Lodging 647(e) seems more complex than at others' earlier trials.

Perhaps the DA, Mr. Alex Byers, hopes to make me into a bigtime activist for the jury,? Really, he's like twenty-five years too late for that. There was once a time, long before the earthquake, that I flew to Sacto to lobby; the only not-suit in the crowded little planes from San Jose. But these days life's more like scrounging pennies for p-nut butter, that's my "occupation." But we shall see what manifests once the Jury is fully selected. Judge Rebecca Connolly (dept/courtroom #1) is hopeful of having jury seated (sworn in? dunno what word) before the afternoon.

The Judge seems to be on her toes, which is refreshing. I can't talk about the case though, so that's my update for now. Ten a.m. start in court until it's done, and done by Friday latest.

If you haven't already, please vote today. I'm not doing all these decades of work just to watch the apocalypse go bye-bye! At least vote against the Death Penalty, if you are one of my friends, and if you can, please?

And after that, if you want to check out some of this trial, you are totally appreciated, and you may even enjoy this jury or the questioning.