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Agnos calls San Francisco tense and toxic, receives hate messages re Mirkarimi
by KPFA Evening News/Ann Garrison
Monday Oct 15th, 2012 4:58 PM
KPFA Evening News, 10.13.2012: Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's reinstatement and the vitriolic attacks that continue even though the process has been completed, the decision made.
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Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos spoke at the October 9th rally to reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, above, then went inside to address the Board of Supervisors as to why he believed they should reinstate the suspended Sheriff, as they did. He told KPFA that he has been receiving hate calls and messages ever since. Photo Jason Henry, sf Chronicle

The public lined up to get into the Board of Supervisors' Chambers for the hearing and filled overflow rooms. Most had come to speak for Sheriff Mirkarimi's reinstatement. Photo: Jason Henry, SF Chronicle