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Title: HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Bay Networking Night
START DATE: Saturday November 10
TIME: 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Location Details:
1320 9th St, Berkeley, CA 94710
Event Type: Party/Street Party
A night of music, learning, connecting, and being.

Saturday, November 10, 7pm-1am
ClouD9, 1320 9th St, Berkeley (near north Berkeley or El Cerrito BART)

$15 or one hour of your Time Bank balance (see below)

Announcing the Evolver Network's new website!

We invite you to gather in celebration and connection, with the intention to create stronger relationships among Bay Area organizations, and establish Evolver community here.

Several organizations' leaders will be present to share what their groups are doing. Please come share your presence and gifts, and meet your fellow amazing lights. Evolver is for Evolving consciousness, individually and in collaboration. We look forward to waking up with you.

"What we require is a trans-local movement of civil society, on a global scale, where people come together in local communities to address the complete scope of our situation in "living learning laboratories," sharing the best practices and techniques for re-localizing basic production of goods, foodstuffs, and energy. We need a movement away from the industrial-age ideals of growth, toward "slow living," toward enhancing the quality of life, and an equitable sharing of resources on a planetary scale.

The Evolver Network provides a prototype for a self-organizing social movement that meshes together local communities who are creating an alternative model for future society, which we call "The New Planetary Culture."


Gift Circle Facilitation and Time Bank Introduction by Rick Simon - http://timebank.sfbace.org/


Dr. Paradise (Paradise2012, SF) - http://paradise2012.com/

Rich DDT - http://soundcloud.com/richddt

Eyelove - http://soundcloud.com/eyelove


Gina Bruno - http://bellydancewithginabruno.wordpress.com/


Evolver - http://evolvernetwork.org

Psychedelic Society SF - http://www.psychedelicsf.org/

Transition SF - http://www.transitionsf.org

ERIE - Entheogentic Research, Integration, and Education - http://erievision.org/

BACE - Bay Area Community Exchange - http://timebank.sfbace.org/

The Happiness Institute - http://www.thehappinessinstitute.org/sf/

Electronic Awakening - http://electronicawakening.com

Bay Food Shed - http://www.facebook.com/bayfoodshed

RE-Volv: People Funded Renewable Energy - http://www.re-volv.org

more TBA

Or members of the time bank can gift us one hour of their time bank balance. To register for the local time bank and begin participating, go here: http://timebank.sfbace.org/

"The BACE Timebank is like a local community bank, but we keep track of time. For every hour you spend doing something for someone in your community, you earn one hour to use to have someone do something for you. It is an alternative way to give and receive resources. It’s that simple."

Keep in touch with Evolver Bay Area:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/evolverbayarea
Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Evolver-SF-Bay-Area/
Network: http://evolvenetwork.org

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by Natalie Clifford Barney
Friday Nov 9th, 2012 9:31 PM
That smacks of the Singularity and and a Bee like society for the future. I do not want to be a Borg, and that is not the direction humans should be be going in!