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Title: Occupy The GMO Candidate!
START DATE: Wednesday October 17
TIME: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location Details:
Obama SF Campaign Office
2278 Market St, San Francisco, California 94114
Event Type: Protest
On Wednesday, October 17, one month after the commencement of the Occupy Monsanto Global Week of Action, we are calling for Occupy Monsanto GCU Field Agents across America to stage Decontamination Events at the campaign offices of Romney & Obama nearest to your GCU. For GCU Field Agents located outside of America, we suggest staging another demonstration at your nearest Monsanto facility or symbol of American toxic agriculture.

Why? Both presidential candidates are avoiding the GMO issue because both candidates take money from Monsanto. Therefore its up to us to force them to take a position on GMOs.

Activism in all its forms is the best way to force political candidates to listen to the people. Signing petitions is activism-lite, while showing up at a campaign field office with signs, banners, megaphones, and staging a Decontamination Event is the type of activism that cannot be ignored.

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§Obama is part of the problem!
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