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DECOLONIZE JEJU! [Solidarity with Jeju; More mermaids, less military!]
by Decolonize Jeju Island
Monday Sep 17th, 2012 1:07 AM
The United States wants to build a naval base on the peaceful Korean island of Jeju. An international solidarity movement with the people of Jeju is developing.
The Haenyeo, or Korean female free-divers, of Jeju Island deep-sea dive for abalone, urchin and octopus. Collectives of Haenyeo, the majority of whom are grandmothers in their seventies, are a crucial part of the island's matriarchal society that has thrived off the coast of South Korea for generations, providing food for their families and community.

Currently, the Haenyeo and other residents of Jeju are threatened by the construction of a naval base in Gangjeong Village that will not only host the Korean miitary, but also U.S. naval warships and destroyers. The Haenyeo of Jeju have historically engaged in anti-colonial struggle to combat Japanese and U.S. imperial forces and continue to resist empire. Like many women who fight colonial rule, the Haenyeo have an intimate understanding of how naval bases destroy local economies, rip apart communities and use gendered violence as a tool of social conrol. The United States government assumes that they can hide what happens in Jeju from the rest of the world, but with your solidarity, they won't be able to.

For more information or to aid in Jeju's decolonial struggle visit http://facebook.com/savejeju or http://savejejunow.org