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42 States Did Not Murder This Year
by Abolitionist
Saturday Sep 8th, 2012 9:56 AM
7 of the 8 states murdering their prisoners have Republican governors. Mitt Romney tried to
bring state murder to Massachusetts but the people rejected his attempt.
42 states have not murdered any prisoner
this year. The only criminals left are
Florida, Ohio
Texas, Oklahoma,
Mississippi, Delaware,
Idaho, Arizona.

There are no executions
Toronto, Stockholm,
Moscow, Verona,
Helsinki, Copenhagen,
New Delhi, Barcelona.

Mitt Romney tried to bring state murder
to Massachusetts but the people stopped him.



Executing governors are

Republican Rick Perry Texas

Republican John Kasich Ohio

Republican Rick Scott of Florida

Republican Mary Fallin of Oklahoma

Republican Jan Brewer of Arizona

Republican Butch Otter of Idaho

Republican Phil Bryant of Mississippi

Democrat Jack Markell of Delaware

These states are linking the US

with China, Saudi Arabia and other

citizen murdering countries.

88% of the world's countries do not

murder their prisoners.


"A new book by Larry Koch, Colin Wark and John Galliher discusses the status of the death penalty in the U.S. in light of recent legislative activity and court decisions. In The Death of the American Death Penalty"