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California | Labor & Workers

Stop Work Comp Reform In CA
Tuesday Aug 28th, 2012 9:42 PM
sb 863 takes away injured workers' rights
Subject: Breaking News!!! Press Conf - Mon - 8/27/12 Sacramento



Politicians are pulling a procedural move to bypass a public hearing!!!

1) Mon 8/27/12 Press Conference schedule @ Capitol Hill

2) CALL Senators Kevin de Leon & Solorio & Governor Brown

Tell him to STOP Work Comp Reform, and that you oppose this change!

De Leon: 213-483-9300 - LA Office & 916-651-4022 - Sacramento Ofc
Solorio: 916-319-2069

I just got news that SB863 has been killed! Good job guys BUT the dirty politicians, Governor Brown's administration, BIG business, and BIG insurance is pressuring passage of ANY work comp reform bill! It is more important than ever to fight harder. I have been told that the senators are pushing for a procedural move to AVOID a public hearing! We are holding a press conference on Monday 8/27/2012 on the Capitol steps. PLEASE contact anyone you know who may be willing to join us, especially injured workers.

8/27/2012 Monday - Press Conference @ State Capitol

Meet at 9:45
At Hyatt Hotel lobby across State Capitol
Address: 1209 L Street, Sacramento; T: 916-443-1234
Join Jesse Ceniceros, President of Voters Injured at Work (wearing a red VIAW t-shirt)
why: it is very important to bring all the injured workers you know! They need to voice their experiences, and outrage against this bill.
The senate has made a procedural move to allow them to bypass a public hearing!!! The secret voting and lack of transparency continues!
We MSUT show up Monday to the cpaitol with our injured workers so that they legislators understand that they are hurting real people.
This may be our only chance to KILL the bill!!!!!

The Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee Chair, Ted Lieu, that was backing the bill has BACKED off. NOW, Senator De Leon has been asked to step up and find a dead bill, amend it in secret and propose it as a Work Comp reform bill!!!!!

Senator Kevin de Leon is from the 22nd District in our own turf!!!! He covers the following areas: City of Los Angeles, Alhambra, East Los Angeles, Florence-Graham, Maywood, San Marino, South Pasadena, Vernon, and Walnut Park.

If you know of anyone who lives in that area, conducts business in that area, or works in that area, you MUST MUST MUST call them now, email them this link and get them to call De Leon to STOP any work comp reform bill he is working on. THE LOUDER WE are the more they run! We can run them out of session, and stop this tragedy from depriving constitutional rights from all Californians! You will be fighting for yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, labor workers, minimum wage workers, and LATINO's!!! Lets take this ATTACK on our RIGHTS and throw it right back at them in their OWN BACKYARD.


More info on

Arsineh Arakel, Esq.
11644 Atlantic Avenue
Lynwood, CA 90262
Office: (310) 637-4124
Facsimile: (310) 637-4123
Mobile: (818) 606-4343