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A tale of 2 embassy asylums
by DLi
Sunday Aug 19th, 2012 8:14 PM
This week, the Ecuadorean embassy in London granted asylum to Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who--even though he has not been charged with a single crime anywhere!--has been hounded by Western governments with more viciousness than if he were a Nazi war criminal. Bravo to the government of Ecuador for defending a citizen's freedom of speech and the freedom from unjustified persecution by the repressive regimes of UK, Sweden and the USA Failed State.
There is absolutely no doubt the authoritarian USA evil empire is behind this witch-hunt of Assange and the Wikileaks movement. Washington has been serously embarassed by the exposure of its Imperialist policies all over the world, hence its "Unitary Executive" of Barack "O-bomber" has a bloodthirsty mandate from his Wall Street-Pentagon handlers that snuffing out whistleblowers like Wikileaks' Assange and Prv. Bradley Manning(the Army soldier who has been held 815 days without a trial for allegedly leaking "classified info")is top priority. But it didn't expect little Ecuador--no doubt drawing tremendous spiritual strength from the heroic example of the Cuban Revolution--actually stood up to the UK Goliath and told it determinedly, "We are not a British colony. We uphold international law!"

Even more interestingly, 3 months ago there was another asylum incident at a foreign embassy. In that case, USA officials--working under cover--actually helped smuggle a Chinese dissident into its Beijing embassy. But dissident Chen was no Julian Assange--he didn't expose any high crimes by the Chiese government. Yet the corporate-bin-Laden Western media went into hysterics in broadcasting that asylum seeker with big headlines. And the Chinese government, in sharp contrast to the hooligan UK regime, did not threaten to storm the Yankee embassy in order to arrest Chen. Instead, it negotiated an arranged release for him so he could travel to the US. What a contrast in diplomatic civility by Beijing as contrasted with the blustering UK regime that would violate international law in order to please its American overlord. Stay tuned for more bizarre and vile actions from Western regimes that claims to promote "freedom, democracy, and the rule of law"...