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War as a television contest
by Steve in Oakland ( geese4peace [at] yahoo.com )
Tuesday Aug 14th, 2012 5:41 PM
Ramping up their pro-war propaganda, NBC now has a "reality television show" hosted by Wesley Clark. The object is for celebrity contestants to win a game based on the war on Afghanistan. Demonstrators in Manhattan Monday protested this latest NATO brainwashing attempt.
Demonstrators at NBC Studios in Manhattan Monday protested the new "reality television show", Stars Earn Stripes, hosted by Wesley Clark, condemning it as "disgusting." Members of Military Families Speak Out were there, and had some poignant thoughts on the new series. One mother of a military man said it was insulting to portray the sacrifices made by real people in the real world as a game played by celebrity contestants.

NBC responded [well, not upfront, but at least subliminally] "STAY TUNED! LIES AT 11!"