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Comment on 8/7/12 KPFA Report to Listener
by Earth to Management
Tuesday Aug 7th, 2012 8:48 AM
We heard something of a Report to Listener from the general manager Andrew Phillips on the 8 a.m. Morning Mix, August 7, 2012, for some reason, cut short by another fire at the Richmond refinery, which fire story is plastered everywhere, but which Reports to Listener are rare and urgently needed. The last question was the best: Where is the daily coverage of Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party?
The general manager is of course concerned with finances, so his report is a financial report. We heard the news that Pacifica, which has the license for KPFA and the 4 other Pacifica stations, is hiring a consulting firm to figure out how to raise more money! Earth to management: IT IS THE CONTENT THAT RAISES THE MONEY. Every day, 365 days a year, leap year 366, we hear Democrats and Republicans, but only rarely do we hear socialists and Greens, Peace & Freedom Party being a socialist party on the California ballot. There is not even an hour to discuss the concept of socialism and its related labor history, daily or even weekly. The Morning Mix on Mondays is approaching that format (three cheers for Steve Zeltzer and Sabrina Jacobs), and the sooner we have open talk about socialism every week, the better.

Earth to management: The basic audience of KPFA are Peace & Freedom Party and Green Party members. We are the people who never vote Republican and are disgusted with the Democrats. We support the Palestinian liberation struggle, given a good voice on Flashpoints (three cheers for Dennis Bernstein), and oppose the private profit system and its defenders and promoters, the Democrat-Republicans. IT IS NOT ABOUT RAISING MONEY; IT IS ABOUT FOCUS. When you understand your base, you will have enough money to do the work.
by Earth to Management
Tuesday Aug 7th, 2012 9:41 AM
Yesterday, August 6, 2012, about 1,000 janitors marched through the Financial District of San Francisco on Montgomery Street, then Market presumably to the Civic Center in an organizing drive that involves almost weekly marches through the Financial District. I did not hear about that on KPFA's news on August 6, 2012. The Bay Guardian has been covering the janitor's organizing drive. Today, August 7, 2012, AT&T workers at the Bush exchange on Bush and Grant in San Francisco, were picketing for a decent contract. I did not hear about that on the KPFA news; I heard about the Richmond fire, which is on every news program and every newspaper. Only a serious labor movement in this country will change anything in this country and will stop US imperialism and its wars, all of which are caused by the profit motive. If KPFA does not have the money it needs to function; it will have to cut back on expenses, the biggest being the 20 or so people who are paid, out of the 200 workers at KPFA, most of whom are volunteers. We are paying pensions to part-time workers; that is insane. The evening news should be shortened to a half hour; that means eliminating interviews with the Democrats and Republicans and the endless fillers. That also means restoring the morning programming to 6 a.m. for Al Jazeera and 7 a.m. for Democracy Now. A COMMUNITY RADIO STATION DOES NOT NEED A PAID NEWS DEPARTMENT. Fire stories are not needed on KPFA; we get that everywhere. We need to teach socialist concepts, the evils of the private profit system and the necessity of labor organizing to put an end to capitalism.