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Fresh Crushed Police Crusiers, Yum!
by Supporter of Roger
Monday Aug 6th, 2012 4:32 PM
I love the smell of fresh crushed police cruisers in the morning.

There comes a time in life when one may decide that enough is enough! If one has a tractor and the police have beaten you up, then you might just climb into your tractor and have a go at crushing police cruisers. I'm sure many of us have had similar fantasies. It is difficult not to have such a fantasy when, on a daily basis, you see the police beating innocent people, hitting people with false charges, lying to judges, and generally being thuggish abusers of power.

In an impressive act of having the courage to actually carry out such an act of retaliation, one Roger Pion, a hard working man in Northern Vermont, just shy of the Canadian border, mounted his tractor and crushed the evil out of seven police cruisers. He probably would have crushed more of them had a few not been out on patrol, or perhaps being used for rendezvous of one sort or another. Personally, I'm impressed with Roger. Crushing police cars can't be a bad thing in a police state.

Unfortunately, Roger was caught and he needs your help. There are several pages online to promote support of Roger. There is also a page for making donations to his defense fund.

Roger's growing fan page can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/RogerPionTheMagnificent

A support page is located here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/547762858583315/

The donations page run by Roger's family is here: http://freerogerpion.chipin.com/roger-pion

The only way we're going to save Roger from the worst is if this cause goes viral. Please do what you can to spread the word and/or make a donation. A police cruiser crushing hero is a terrible thing to waste.