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Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Bill Gates, Broad, Gulen, EdVoice & Gulen
by United Public Workers For Action
Sunday Aug 5th, 2012 11:11 PM
A forum on public education and privatization was held in San Francisco on July 29, 2012. Speakers discussed the companies and politicians who are involved in illegal conflicts of interests in their drive to privatize education. This also includes online education which is being pushed by tech companies to get rid of teachers and push computers to replace them.

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Education, Privatization, Bill Gates, Broad, KIPP, Pearson, EdVoice And The Gulen Schools
A massive national and international organized plan to privatize education has been implemented over several decades. Billionaires, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation and the Pearson corporation among others, have infiltrated hundreds of governmental bodies including school boards, city councils and our local, state and regional governments. They seek to turn our education system into a profit center worth tens of billions of dollars. This also includes the Gulen Islamic cult led by Imam Fethullah Gulen, which runs the largest chain of charters in the United States funded by public money. We will also look at the criminal conflicts that have allowed politicians to personally benefit from using their public positions to profit from their votes and actions. This forum will look at how this has come about, who did it, how it is affecting us and who is profiting from it at the cost of public education and finally how to stop this attack on our public education system.
Madeline Mueller, Professor SF City College, AFT2121
Susan Miesenhelder, CFA CSU Longbeach
Kathleen Carroll, Lawyer and Whistleblower At Commission On Teacher Credentialing
Bruce Neuberger, AFT 4681 San Mateo Adult School
Sharon Higgins, Researcher and Blogger On Charters, Parents Across America
Danny Weil, Journalist and author on charters & privatization
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§Education For Profits
by United Public Workers For Action Sunday Aug 5th, 2012 11:11 PM

"Non-Profits" and profiteers are seeking to destroy public education in order to enhance their profits. They are supported by politicians in both both parties statewide and nationally.