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Marijuana's Newest Martyr: Roger Pion - Red Tractor Driving Farmer in Vermont
by Cris Ericson
Friday Aug 3rd, 2012 10:31 AM
The day was hot on thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, and Roger Pion, a good ol' boy all American hot blooded red tractor driving farmer just had enough. He was still stewing over having been arrested last month for pot charges.
Roger Pion, 34 year old Vermont farmer, was accused of crushing cop cars with his own red farm tractor .

Roger Pion, is a 34 year old Vermont farmer, and according to authorities he was allegedly angry over being arrested the previous month for marijuana possession, and he took out his anger by using his tractor to drive over seven sheriff's department vehicles and cars, crushing them just like a Monster Truck Rally and flattening them.

He was taken into police custody shortly afterwards on Thursday afternoon when he was arrested by Newport Police two miles from the alleged crime scene after he abandoned his red farm tractor and attempted to flee.

No doubt the marijuana legalization movement, country singing stars of America, and the movie industry will be asking for permission to visit him in jail, and they'll write songs and make movies about our newest American martyr for the marijuana movement. You know what kind of brownies to send him.

Cris Ericson, marijuana legalization candidate in Vermont, appeared a few hours later, after 5:25 p.m. that same day, on public access t.v. in a 2012 U.S. Senate candidate forum and declared that it is an error for the government to call it a 'war on drugs' because it is really a "Civil War Against Peoples' Right to Choose".

by Vermonter
Friday Aug 3rd, 2012 12:23 PM
Vermonters are rooting for Roger Pion. Come join them in honoring their hero.
by Roger Pion
Friday Aug 3rd, 2012 9:25 PM
Help Roger Get out of jail
by Bud
Saturday Aug 4th, 2012 1:45 AM
Join Free Roger Pion. Post info to donate.
by Brian Kellog
Saturday Aug 4th, 2012 6:57 PM
So far 2 eye witnesses have voiced that they saw a hispanic female behind the wheel of the tractor during and after the incident! Roger is innocent!
by Cric
Monday Aug 6th, 2012 2:55 AM
The blog is void. However there is a campaign that makes it easy to help this man.


and then go to the Federal Election Commission and
ask for a free copy of Title 11 USC
United States Code
and Title 11 CFR
Code of Federal Regulations
and go to the Index and look up
"independent expenditure only committee"
because that's what a Super PAC is,
a Super PAC is an independent expenditure only committee
that raises funds
to promote a candidate for federal office
without consulting with the candidate.

In fact, with a Super PAC,
you have no connection by telephone or e-mail or anything
with the candidate you are promoting,
you are an entirely independent promoter.

You could start a second Super PAC to promote Roger Pion for
U.S. Congress, House of Representatives with a Write In Vote in Vermont.

So, then you go to
and put in a search for
and you call every single Olympics celebrity
and every single major sports team celebrity
and every celebrity in Hollywood and Malibu and Beverly Hills,
and call all of the talent agents, all of them,
and ask for donations to your new Super PAC
to promote Roger Pion
for write in vote for President of the United States,
and/or for U.S. Congressman, House of Representatives.

Remember the Movie about a man in Vermont named Fred?

Photo of U.S. Senate independent candidate forum debate on CCTV in Burlington, Vermont at 5:25 pm
just after
Roger Pion became a National Hero.

Cris Ericson stated that the government should not call it a "war on drugs"
and that it is a "CIVIL WAR"
and she repeatedly through out this U.S. Senate candidate forum,
repeatedly asked Vermont voters to
"Do your Revolutionary best!"
U.S. Senate candidate Cris Ericson went on CCTV in Burlington, VT after Roger Pion
crushed police cars with his red farm tractor Aug. 2, 2012.

"Hi! I'm Cris Ericson, perennial political candidate, for the past ten
years I've been talking with Vermonters and listening to them, and
I agree that government has grown like cancer and we need to
contstrain and limit more growth of government. I agree that government
has too much control over our lives, micromanaging us with rules and
regulations made by un-elected administrators.

We are in a state of civil war
that the government misleads us by calling it a war on drugs,
while millions of Americans have been hand cuffed, tasered, pepper sprayed,
shackled and chained and thrown into overcrowded prison cells with
conditions far worse than an animal is treated at the National Zoo
in Washington, D.C.

The Drug Enforcement Agents, F.B.I. and police shoot people, and
sometimes they shoot their dogs and children.

All this produces a prison population that our taxes pay for, and Vermont
still sends prisoners to out-of-state private-for-profit Corrections
Corporation of America, which in turn, makes so much profit from our
prisoners and our tax dollars that they are selling shares of stock on
NASDAQ and keeping the profit for CCA.

The majority of prisoners are arrested for marijuana possession,
families are torn apart.

Stop calling it a War on Drugs, call it what it really is: a Civil War Against
Peoples' Freedom to Choose.

Remember, when the United States Declaration of Independence
was signed, marijuana, hemp and cannabis were legal.

Do your Revolutionary Best, please vote for me, Cris Ericson,
website USMJP dot com."
Above: Aug. 2, 2102 CCTV

Opening statement of independent candidate Cris Ericson,
on the official election ballot in Vermont Nov. 6, 2012
for United States Senator using the designer party label
name under the Vermont descriptive words law:
United States Marijuana Party
Cris Ericson on CCTV speaking about
Cris Ericson on left in photo in black and white dress.