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14 Roses To Vote Against Romney
by Libertarian Green
Monday Jul 30th, 2012 5:51 PM
Whether you vote Democratic, Green, Socialist, Libertarian or other, please vote against Romney
1 Romney is a chickenhawk (someone who has never gone to war but promotes sending others into harm’s way. He is the father of 5 chickenhawks.
2 He wants to continue stealing trillions of dollars from the people of the US, 89% of whom oppose these illegal wars, to murder Muslim civilians and soldiers for the hawkish Netanyahu agenda, which involves sacrificing American men.
3 Romney threatens Social Security, is on record in wanting more privatization (Wall St. rape of the treasury)
4 He would treat Social Security as he treated the pension funds of workers, pension funds he stole to create his 250 million dollar fortune. He raided in addition other corporate assets as he shut down companies, fired workers.
5 He is a tax evader, and has used tax shelters in Swiss, Cayman Islands and Bermuda banks.
He has, unlike his father, refused to reveal more than 1 year of his tax records.
6 Romney sought to bring back premeditated judicial murder, execution, to Massachusetts, a state which has not had an execution in many decades.
7 Romney minted coins with Olympic money, coins which were imprinted with his own image.
8 Romney’s lieutenant, from Bain Capital, a man who took over Romney’s Olympic job, destroyed all Olympic records. http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/opinion/perspectives/maureen-dowd-hiding-in-plain-sight-romney-is-starting-to-make-cheney-look-like-an-open-book-646274/
9 Romney and his staff removed 12 hard drives when he left the governor’s office. A Washington Post reporter called him the most secretive person he’d ever investigated.
10 Romney bought animal research companies, invested in slaughterhouse products, and brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics. He has harmed millions of animals http://allpoetry.com/column/9736813-Romneys_Record_Of_Abusing_Cows__Pigs__Sheep__Horses__Dogs__Cats_Etc-by-saiom
11 Romney illegally acquired Clear Channel, itself an illegal network. He has acquired for pennies rather than millions the licensed use of OUR air waves. His talk show hosts cut off Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist and other callers. Only Berlusconi of Italy has used his own media as much as Romney has used Clear Channel and another Mormon network, Bonneville, to promote his own candidacy.
12 Romney has funneled some of his Wall St friends’ contribution money into ads for himself on Clear Channel.
13 Romney’s decadent lifestyle, while billions suffer, includes having built a 2 level garage with a car elevator to the basement.
14 The Mormon church helped Romney acquire Bain Capital and has been financially interwoven with him from the start of his business career.