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Bill Clinton's damage control mission re Rwanda's war in Congo
by KPFA Evening News/Ann Garrison, 07.26.2012
Thursday Jul 26th, 2012 6:09 AM
Bill Clinton traveled to Rwanda within weeks of the UN Panel of Experts on Congo's report that Paul Kagame's Rwandan regime is behind the M23 militia that has resumed the war in D.R. Congo. Critics, including many Rwandan and Congolese people, believe that he really went to do damage control.
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Bill Clinton and Paul Kagame in Rwanda at the dedication of a cancer center, 07.19.2012
"So without that support by the United States, I really don't think the Great Lakes Region of Africa would have been transformed into the death ground that it became in the 90s. And even after he was not in power anymore, Bill Clinton continues to support General Kagame, despite so many credible sources that have shown how Kagame's forces have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possible genocide." -Rwanda Genocide survivor and human rights activist Aimable Mugara, speaking to KPFA
For transcript and more photos, see http://www.anngarrison.com/audio/bill-clinton-paul-kagame-and-the-democratic-republic-of-congo.