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Developers Threaten the Embarcadero's open space waterfront! Let the people decide!
by Carla
Thursday Jul 12th, 2012 3:40 PM
Multimillion dollar condo deal threatens SF public open space. Petitioners seek 26,000 votes in 7 days to let the peole decide instead of just the Planning, Supes and Mayor. No Wall on the Embarcadero!
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Save Golden Gateway by LaserBroiler

"Developers Threaten the Embarcadero's open waterfront. They want to tear down the open membership Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club and build multimillion dollar condos. Advocates for the No Wall on the Embarcadero rally to get 26,000 SF voters' signatures on the ballot to stop the development. Just a few days left! Sign the petition, today."


Save Golden Gateway by LaserBroiler