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Salmon Water Now creates the Kill the Canal Channel on Vimeo
by Bruce Tokars
Thursday Jul 12th, 2012 11:00 AM
A new channel is home to the Salmon Water Now videos about the Peripheral Canal. See all the videos in one place!
Salmon Water Now creates the Kill the Canal Channel on Vimeo

Salmon Water Now has created a channel on the video sharing website, Vimeo to put all it's Peripheral Canal videos. The Kill the Canal Channel on Vimeo is the home for all the videos related to the canal. Click here: https://vimeo.com/channels/killthecaanal.

The public debate over the proposed Peripheral Canal is at a critical stage. Soon, it is expected that Governor Brown and the Obama administration will announce a plan to move forward with the massive construction project.

Salmon Water Now has produced several videos on the subject over the last year or more and more are in the pipeline. On the Kill the Canal Channel on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/channels/killthecaanal), the following videos are featured.

Kill the Canal (3:11)

Kill the Canal, a quick look at the canal and what we believe are very good reasons to stop it from being built.

A Costly Mistake (4:54)

A Costly Mistake, Salmon Water Now's new video, continues the conversation about water, the proposed peripheral canal, and the long-term objectives of those pushing hardest for getting it built.

7 Questions (3:45)

A broad coalition of organizations is insisting that policy come before plumbing when it comes to talking about the Peripheral Canal. To that end, on June 27th, they sent a letter to the Obama administration saying they would like the answers to 7 questions about the project.In it, they ask 7 questions that they would like Governor Brown to answer.

Stop and Think (4:04)

This video is about moving water from where it falls, to where it does not. The consequences of accommodating people's choices to live in places with very little rainfall are now threatening the San Francisco Bay Delta estuary's overall sustainability.

Reasons & Realities (5:35)

Reason & Realties looks at the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), which has become the method to make the Peripheral Canal a reality. It includes a few short clips from a 1982 Metropolitan Water District slide show in support of a YES vote for the canal, as an added bonus,

Questions for Governor Brown (6:41)

This video looks at California's water project history and how Governor Jerry Brown seems to be channeling his father's commitmnt to build even more massive plumbing projects to move water around.

Earthquake Fears & Reality (7:19)

Proponts say a peripheral canal is needed to save the Delta and protect California's drinking water from earthquake disaster! This video looks at the earthquake threat and cuts through the misinformation being presented as facts.

Myth or Fact? Westlands & Reality (3:01)

It's funny how sometimes the "truth" is something that just sort of pops up. This video looks at the Westlands Water District's sidestep of the truth about their water plans.

It's Back! The Peripheral Canal v2.0 (18:00)

In 1982 California voters soundly rejected the attempt to build a peripheral canal around the Delta. It was viewed as a potential environmental disaster to the Delta, Delta farmers, the San Francisco Bay and all the wildlife that depend on the delicate ecosystem of The Delta. But sometimes bad ideas are reborn.

3012: The Space Salmon Incident (8:16)

Sometimes fantasy can become reality. Although not direcrectly related to the canal, this Earth Day fantasy story has enough "truth" in it that it can be used as a cautionary tale.