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Berkeley's Wellstone Club and KPFA Reacall - Censorship
by Amar
Sunday Jul 8th, 2012 7:14 PM
Berkeley's Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club threw me off their Yahoo list for posting articles there by Henry Norr and Ann Garrison
Berkeley's Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club just threw me off their Yahoo group (wdrc [at] yahoogroups.com), in violation of their stated polcy:

"We expect that as members of this list, we can monitor ourselves. If that turns out to be an error, the Executive Committee of WDRC will notify the poster that their post is inflammatory and then delete it from the archive. The Club reserves the right to deny anyone the use of the WDRC list-serv for violation of these rules"

For posting two articles, one by Henry Norr that appeared in the Berkeley Daily Planet and one by Ann Garrison in the Fog City Journal, that they apparently didn't like. No one ever contacted me. Just woke up to find out "I"m not a member anymore".

I'm not sure you can "renew" much of anything by engaging in hamfisted censorship.

Anyone care to comment?

Or does the "progressive community" think this is perfectly A-ok?

Articles posted:


The Democratic Party is the 2nd right-wing of capitalism. Should it or any branch thereof be considered "Progressive"?
by Richard Phelps, former Chair KPFA LSB
Thursday Jul 12th, 2012 10:29 AM
Before the 2006 election at KPFA PeoplesRadio folks heard that the Wellstone Club was going to support the then KPFAForward group that became Concerned Listeners. La Varn Williams, Joe Wanzala and I, all currnetly on the LSB, met with some from the Wellstone Club to see if we could work together for KPFA. As I recall it was Matthew Hallinan, Kathleen Lilley, Sashas's mother, and one other man.

After some discussion they told us that they would be having a discussion about endorsements for the 2006 election. I directly asked if we could make a presentation to the Club to explain our philosophy about KPFA and they said "sure , when we have the discussion you can come and speak."

We were never invited to speak to the Club and they endorsed the CL slate. The endorsement was rammed through by the folks we met with and I guess they didn't have faith in their members to not be "fooled" by what we might say. That action was completley contrary to the notion that Pacifica is based on: etting the people here the alternative views.
by Richard Phelps
Friday Jul 13th, 2012 12:17 PM
Last line on my former post should say : letting people hear alternative views.

Sorry for the failure to edit.