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California | Government & Elections

How weapons companies decide votes and, consequently, laws
by gardensaregreen
Friday Jul 6th, 2012 11:43 AM
The other night on 60 Minutes they were covering Stuxnet and pointing out how that code could be used on our own nuke plants, on our electrical grids, and . . . our bank accounts. That means your money could literally disappear out of your bank account, and if the Fed claimed to be overwhelmed, we will all be lining up in food lines with no money. The situation is getting more serious every day. Sorry to sound paranoid, but we are all really being ripped off and we need to take action on every front, not just street action and non-profits and sit-ins, as important as those are. We also need this . . .

Why should you re-register with a spoiler?

Why would you want to "throw away" your vote?

If you are voting Democrat or Republican, you are part of the problem, as much as you really just want to do the right thing.

Both of these parties are now raising billions of dollars in their presidential campaigns while our schools are closing, jobs disappearing, corporations like Exxon paying no taxes, and our college students are entering massive debt.

What are those billions going toward? Ads.

TV Ads, to make you vote for them.

And guess what? When you vote for them, you reinforce that vicious cycle of more and more and more money, flowing like an avalanche, to buy the candidates by the corporations, the billionaires, etc.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are falling into a hole.

Until you stop and get off the ride, it will keep running faster and faster.

Even on the LOCAL level, the Dems and the Republicans are beholden to their party before the people. The parties are now only vehicles for the super rich, which means that the profits of the corporations and the billionaires are primary, always.

Someone did a study recently that showed that the vast majority of legislation passed by Congress does nothing for average people, but is only in the service of the corporations and the super rich. It's getting worse by the minute.

All of this will never change as long as you keep voting for them.

Small parties WILL flourish if people will have the courage to step away from the Ds and Rs. Even if there are no candidates in your area, when you re-register with a small party, that number goes toward getting them on the ballot, exciting the members of that party, and inspiring people like teachers and doctors and almost anyone to run for office.

You can re-register with a small party but still vote for anyone you like in the November election.

Don't let CNNABCCBSABC decide for you who you are voting for.

If you do, they win. And of course, they are all owned by the same companies making the drones and missiles we are paying billions to fire on people in Pakistan, one every three days . . . Don't let a weapons company decide who you think should make our laws.

In California, you can re-register with a new party or Decline to State, here -- http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/register-to-vote/

"If voting mattered it would be illegal"

Does voting matter?


Does registration matter?


Registration numbers are real, regardless of whether you vote or not. That sends a huge message that people are not going to play the game anymore and are waking up and that's how you make real change.

In Egypt hundreds of thousands of ballots were intentionally spoiled by voters to send a message to those in power (*along with* getting the streets, of course -- the Egyptians understand that it all matters, not just protests and not just elections).

Here in the US, if you spoil your ballot, no one will notice.

And if you just don't vote, then the D and R voters will decide for you how your government will run and what your laws are. They will create an easy explanation for why people didn't vote, just like they have for why all of a sudden the exit polls no longer reflect the actual vote tallies. The US propaganda machine is primed to explain away things like low turnout or unexpected results.

What they can't explain is when people actively do something against the power, like registering for a tiny non-corporate political party, or moving their money to a tiny local credit union.

If you register with a so-called "spoiler" party, believe me, they will notice, and the silence from CNNABCCBS will be deafening because they have no explanations.

And best of all, there will be nothing they can do about it. They cannot actually buy your vote. They can make you feel hopeless or arrest you in the streets, but they can't stop you from registering with a tiny political party that is saying no to their garbage. Only you have that power.