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AT&T: Helping Romney Operatives Hack Computers?
by ABR
Thursday Jul 5th, 2012 12:50 PM
some facts about the illegal monopoly
AT&T through their CEO Randall Stephenson gave 750,000 to Rick Perry, and untold amounts to Mitt Romney.

Are AT&T and McAfee (which offers little protection against hacking) intentionally hacking anti Romney computers, phones?

AT&T's former president David Dorman was on KFC's board. While KFC Canada
has complied with rules for less brutal killing of birds, KFC has not yet. Mr Dorman
was also with British Telecom... a strange portfolio
AT&T has a much more invasive internet setup than other services.
AT&T has a partner relationship with Rupert Murdoch's unethically acquired
Direct TV

AT&T is violating the rights of Americans in cooperating with govt
spy programs http://www.eff.org/cases/jewel

AT&T is an illegal monopoly. The Bell monster was broken up by govt. action ... into the Seven Sisters or Baby Bells. Southwestern Bell (SBC) began gobbling them up illegally with help from the Bush's.SBC became a 20 state monster. Then AT&T bought SBC.

Unlike the original Bell companies, AT&T has frequent dial tone loss, dial tone delay.

All over the country, different employees answer 1 800 288 2020.
One will tell a potential client that blocking outgoing phone number for
privacy purposes is available only to social workers, police, and psychiatrists. Another will say the opposite. Different employees offer
different verbal contracts, not backed up by others.

AT&T does not inform its customers before they buy a modem that if they have Millenium Edition they will have several obstacles in connecting.

Callers to national talk shows on AT&T lines sometimes hear an unusual
buzz (in some cases preventing the call.) Recently national talk show callers have been cut off after 6 rings by AT&T, making connection virtually impossible for many.

AT&T charges for technical support which many providers give freely

Perhaps AT&T could bring its call centers back from the Philippines and India to
Detroit, Kalamazoo, Cleveland and other US communities needing jobs.