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Bizarre "bomb threat" as Mirkarimi attorney Shepard Kopp cross examines Mayor Ed Lee
by KPFA Evening News/Ann Garrison, 06.30.2012
Sunday Jul 1st, 2012 10:52 PM
The 06.29.2012 Ethics Commission hearing was interrupted by a "bomb threat," just as Mirkarimi attorney Shepard Kopp was posing some very difficult questions to Mayor Ed Lee. Mayor Lee, but no one else, was then evacuated from City Hall, for two hours
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Mirkarimi attorney Shepard Kopp was cross examining Mayor Ed Lee
who did not seem well prepared when Ethics Commissioner Benedict Hur
suddenly banged the gavel down and said he'd been given word that the
hearing had to stop.
A plainclothes San Francisco policeman then told Mayor Ed Lee that they had  to
evacuate him from the building.  The excuse for halting the proceeding was
a bomb threat, but Mayor Lee was the only person evacuated from City Hall.

§Mirkarimi Defense Attorney Shepard Kopp to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
by Ann Garrison Wednesday Jul 11th, 2012 12:22 PM
Freeze frame, webcast and video archive of 06.29.2012 San Francisco Ethics Commission hearing: