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Red Squares Everywhere: Learning from Quebec
by VMC
Saturday Jun 23rd, 2012 5:53 PM
Public Forum: June 20, 2012 with representatives from CLASSE
Video piece is 39 minutes long
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Student-led actions in Quebec have forced issues of education, austerity and a
lifetime of debt onto the public agenda.

What can we learn from the student-led education strikes in Quebec?
What would an academic strike in BC look like?

A conversation about how students, professors and other academic workers
can build on this energy and inspire such debate in BC – a province where tuition
has doubled in the last decade and deeper cuts loom on the horizon.


Eva-Locern Panton-Phan (ASSE/CLASSE Concordia University Fine Arts)
Hugo Bonin (ASSE/CLASSE Social Struggles Committee)
Xavier LaFrance (spokesperson for the CASSÉÉ during the 2005 strike)