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Shame on Save KPFA
by Tracy Rosenberg
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 11:29 AM
The scurrilous attacks on myself and Media Alliance, the fiscal sponsor OF Indybay itself, are really shameful. Perfect example of the left-wing firing squad and scapegoating for the toxic dysfunction at KPFA which has been going on for as long as anyone can remember.
It's really sad to see this kind of stuff promulgated on Indybay, a site that originated in MA's offices in 2000 when coming off the high of the '99 Seattle protests, a group of committed media activists launched Indybay to provide unconventional coverage of the National Association of Broadcasters San Francisco convention and the convergence of the low-power FM radio movement to challenge them. A concert in San Francisco's Union Square featuring Jello Biafra was the highlight of days of protest activities, including the arrest of Counterspin host Steve Rendell near Clearchannel San Francisco on Townsend Street. I have always valued Indybay as a place that gives me up-to-the-minute and from-the-ground reports from places of struggle and resistance and am proud of the role MA staff played in its birth more than a decade ago.

And I am tremendously proud of the work Media Alliance does every day, against all odds and yep, with little-to-no resources. We were just honored with a nomination for a BENNY Award from the Corporate Ethics Network for the regional campaign against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, which resulted in the CPUC investigating, rather then rubber stamping yet another media merger, and surfacing all kinds of misinformation that eventually led to the Department of Justice coming out against the merger on anticompetitive grounds and the deal collapsing. Something that never, ever happens - and yet it did. These are the kinds of collaborations MA is a part of, and I am honored to be a part of them.

Last I checked, in the fall of 2010, KPFA was down to $4,500 in its bank account and $250,000 in arrears on shared service fees. I'm also aware of a handful of nonprofits that have gotten a little short of cash sometime between the collapse of the economy in 2008 and the current day. And a whole bunch of individuals who have lost their jobs, homes and livelihoods. It's tragic. It's not something to sneer about or manipulate in the interests of political games, its a time and a place where we show solidarity and support each other. We're all struggling and times are really tough. If we don't recognize who the true enemies are and fight THEM, then we're all sunk.

Media Alliance lost about 75% of its membership ranks when the association health insurance plan, which was one of the few viable options for people with pre-existing conditions to access affordable and comprehensive health care in this fucked-up system, was ended along with 14 other association plans. The plan type has never been reinstated, as the NWU and the Media Workers Guild can attest. They have tried. MA was pleased to have been able to offer it for
as long as we did, many people benefitted who had either lost employment or worked outside of other coverage options, and the extra membership fees generated by the plan were a great source of revenue to support the kind of media activism we wanted to do and so we could grow. When it ended, MA returned to the financial instability it had long been familiar with. Media advocacy is not a lucrative field. The work goes on. You work with what you have and make the most of it. I know that we do.

KPFA is a financially stressed organization as well. It just had its worst fund drive effort of the past five years, bringing in a dismal $636,000 for an organization with a $1.85 million annual payroll and $3 million dollars in annual expenses. The fund drive results are a $75,000 DECREASE from the May 2011 fund drive results of $712,000 and worse than the catastrophic fund drive results of the spring of 2010 when results of $660,000 precipitated a $375,000 payroll reduction, some voluntary and some by layoffs. Big organization or small organization, you can't spend more than you take in. Not forever, anyway, and after posting a $575,000 deficit in 2008-2009 and a $585,000 deficit in 2009-2010, KPFA was out of cash reserves and had to cut expenses.

The Labor Relations board upheld the actions taken by the Pacifica ED (board members advise only) FIVE consecutive times and wouldn't have had to spend any money on lawyers at all had the Save KPFA/KPFA worker bunch not filed all those losing complaints. I bet they wish they had that money back now. when KPFA could use it, but instead yet more money goes out the door on a recall campaign that won't succeed. What's wrong with this picture? If I were a kpfa worker, I'd sue THEM for putting my job in jeopardy by wasting assets in an unending series of frivolous complaints.

The statements made are defamatory and legally actionable, although I have better things to do with my time.

The layoffs were not illegal or retaliatory
Pacifica has never initiated a solitary legal action.
Retirement contributions were never diverted and they are paid in full
KPFA has no gag rules. It has election rules that prevent on-air discussion of board elections and the same rules every other broadcasting unit in the nation has in place.
Pacifica's bylaws prevent those serving in non-civil service appointed positions in government from serving concurrently on KPFA/Pacifica boards.

Expense reductions at the stations do not result in any additional funds to Pacifica. The shared services fee remains 17% to shared station services and 2.5% to maintain the Pacifica archives. Expense reductions at the stations enable the stations to pay their own bills and not run out of money. When the stations are all 20% under where they had hoped to be halfway through the year (and all 5 of them are), then they have to make adjustments in order to be able to stay afloat as Pacifica stations do not take corporate underwriting, as other public radio stations do. KPFA should be doing so willingly as the responsible stewardship of listener donations, which are still amazing generous in such bad times, means living within their means and not endangering the license by spending more than comes in. All of the stations will have to do that and it is painful.

But scapegoating and looking for people to blame doesn't change reality. And throwing money down the drain just makes it worse in the end.

Let's celebrate what is good - survival for KPFA, WBAI, KPFT, KPFK, WPFW and Media Alliance - keep doing the work that is so vitally important to the region, the country, and the world - and do what we have to do to continue. The situation is too grim to take refuge in firing squads. We have better things to do.

Love to all who do the work and continue to struggle for what really matters,


by In the interest of balance
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 12:35 PM
Why should listeners vote YES on the recall of KPFA board member and Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg? | SEE ENDORSERS | PRINT RECALL FLYER | LEARN ABOUT THE NONPROFIT ROSENBERG HEADS

GOOD PROGRAMMING. Pacifica treasurer Tracy Rosenberg has been the principal defender of the current regime at Pacifica, the corporation that owns KPFA. With Rosenberg’s support, that regime has declared war on KPFA’s listeners and workers. They have eliminated The Morning Show, KPFA’s biggest fundraiser, and most listened-to local program – putting the station’s fragile finances at risk. They’ve ignored thousands of phone calls and emails from outraged KPFA’s listeners. When SaveKPFA endorsers raised enough money to restore The Morning Show, Pacifica refused it. Fundraising during KPFA’s morning hours has plummeted since The Morning Show’s removal, and the toll is projected to reach $500,000 annually. This loss undercuts the financial health of the entire station. READ THE CHARGES HERE | SEE PETITION FOR NEUTRAL OVERSIGHT OF VOTE

LOCAL CONTROL. Pacifica has completely sidelined KPFA’s elected Local Station Board in choosing managers for KPFA, and illegally refused to seat KPFA’s democratically-elected representatives on the Pacifica National Board (based on a proposal by
Rosenberg), then continued to deny them seats in violation of a California Superior Court injunction.

FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT. Pacifica has hired $400/hour anti-union attorneys to fight KPFA’s workers, and imposed the resulting costs – $115,000 and counting – on KPFA. Behind closed doors, Pacifica hired Jackson Lewis, a legal firm that the AFL-CIO has called “America’s number one union-buster.” Meanwhile, Pacifica is taking more money out of KPFA’s accounts for its own purposes than even the already-excessive amount budgeted. If we don’t break this costly impasse, we may lose KPFA.

Our only path forward is to directly remove the supporters of Pacifica Executive Director Arlene Engelhardt from Pacifica’s Board. Tracy Rosenberg has been Engelhardt’s most ardent public defender. She drew up the secret layoff list that got The Morning Show cancelled. She’s also been the driving force behind Pacifica’s illegal moves to keep SaveKPFA’s representatives from taking the positions they were elected to on the Pacifica National Board. Rosenberg was censured by KPFA’s local board for her misappropriation of subscribers’ emails.

Who can vote?
You are eligible to vote if you are a current KPFA listener-member. That means in the past year you’ve either: 1) donated $25 or more to KPFA; or 2) volunteered three hours or more in the KPFA phone room.
Watching yet another Pacifica station infight from a safe distance is no more fun now than it has ever been. It's always difficult, if not impossible, for caring allies and observers to sniff out the constructive paths forward when there are such intense accusations of treachery being hurled around. But Save KPFA does little to help its cause at any level when it insinuates--in a breathtakingly dishonest post on its website--that Rosenberg bears responsibility for Media Alliance's shrinking budget and activities over the last several years.

It's not for me to "correct the record" or get involved in the local argument. But geez y'all. I know a lot of the people who are listed as endorsers of the recall campaign, and I'm certain (or at least optimistically hopeful) that few of them could possibly stand behind some of the rhetoric being used here.

by Maria
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 2:12 PM
You'd think Indybay would be free of people who claim repeating the same bullshit over and over and over again constitutes balance. This ain't Fox News where if you just keep saying that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction like a parrot, it somehow becomes true.

-- The "morning show" is back on the air. KPFA had its worst fund drive out of the last 25 efforts. The Evening News and Letter and Politics tanked their donations, declining more than 25% each.

-- KPFA's local board doesn't pick the KPFA manager. They make recommendations to the executive director who selects and supervises each of the station managers.

-- Rosenberg didn't write the Pacifica bylaws. They say that no individual can serve concurrently on a KPFA or Pacifica board and as a government appointee i.e. any position in government that is not civil service.

-- KPFA's workers filed a bunch of complaints and all 5 of them got rejected by the NLRB. The only costs Pacifica experienced were those to defend against claims filed. It's not an option to fail to respond to a legal complaint. The attorneys used Folger and Levin also represent KQED, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the SF Jewish Community Center.

Now go ahead and post the same thing one MORE time. The time you waste is your own.
by listener
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 5:00 PM
Nope, the Morning Show is not back on the air. What is on the air is UpFront for 1 hour at 7AM, which drew BY FAR the largest donations of the last fund drive, which was TANKING before UpFront was put on just 7 days before it ended. At 8AM we're still with the Morning Mess, and ridiculous hosts like JR who call themselves "ministers of information" or others who do drowsy interviews on boring subjects.

KPFA's local board DOES pick the pool from which a manager is hired. That is one of that board's few powers. Pacifica is breaking its own bylaws on this one, and being totally top-down and authoritarian:

If by "government appointee" you mean Dan Siegel, you must know that Pacifica was on the wrong side in trying to prevent Dan from serving on Pacifica's board while being an unpaid advisor to Oakland's mayor. So wrong, in fact, that the judge almost brought Pacifica's chair Summer Reese and Secretary Carolyn Birden up on contempt of court charges for their behavior in trying to kick Dan off the board. Here's the story: http://www.savekpfa.org/judge-orders-contempt-hearing-after-pacifica-ignores-injunction

As everyone knows, labor law is not terribly helpful to workers sometimes. Employers have the advantage. The NLRB is a conservative body. It has screwed up many rulings about Pacifica, including the one that threw unpaid staff out of the union back in the 90s, after the anti-union board of Pacifica asked it to do so.

What's really surprising is that the current day Pacifica board trumped that, by hiring the WORST UNION-BUSTER in the nation: Jackson Lewis. http://www.kpfaworker.org/2012/03/13/pacifica-hires-union-busting-legal-firm-of-jackson-lewis/

Pacifica is now demanding that stations foot its $1 million deficit brought about by bad management:


All these facts argue for Pacifica's head honchos to be removed, the one at the top is Pacifica Treasurer Tracy Rosenberg: http://www.savekpfa.org/faqrecall


by A bit of history
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 5:42 PM
A legendary name, stolen

The original Save KPFA advanced ideals and goals that were and are in moral opposition to what this current group seems to be supporting. The original Save KPFA championed democracy, transparency, community participation, and accountability for KPFA, as a vital and irreplaceable resource of the Northern California progressive community.


and here’s what “Save KPFA” has been doing for the last few years:

The Grover Norquist Solution at KPFA

by We Love Tracy Rosenberg
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 6:53 PM
It is barricades time to Save our Station and Save Pacifica! As soon as you get your ballot, be sure to vote NO on the recall and MAIL THE BALLOT IN 24 HOURS OR LESS. The ballots are expected to be mailed June 26, 2012.

Just because our cause is just does not mean we will prevail. We can be sure that the fascist government agents perpetrating this money drain recall will all vote, which is how they ended up with a majority on the Local Station Board. ALL OF US WHO LOVE KPFA AND PACIFICA MUST VOTE NO AND MAIL THE BALLOT IMMEDIATELY TO WIN. The deadline is August 3, 2012. The return envelope will have the following address:
KPFA Recall Election
P.O. Box 11708
Berkeley, CA 94712

For more information on Stopping the Recall, see:
By voting NO and MAILING YOUR BALLOT IMMEDIATELY, you are joining the Stop the KPFA Recall Honor Roll, from:
Shahram Aghamir – Co-Producer, Voices of the Middle East and North Africa.

Nick Alexander - longtime reporter, producer; member of API (Asian Pacific Islander) Specials radio collective.

Teresa J. Allen – Current KPFT Houston Local Station Board, Pacifica National Board member both current and from 2002-2005.

Joseph Anderson - KPFA Listener.

Austin Airwaves – Jim Ellinger, Austin, TX.

David Barsamian – Founder, director, host, Alternative Radio. His latest books are How the World Works and What We Say Goes (both with Noam Chomsky) and Targeting Iran. David’s interviews and articles appear in The Progressive, Z and other publications.

Jean E. Brechan – KPFA (and Pacifica) Listener

Khalil Bendib - political cartoonist and co-host of Voices of the Middle East and North Africa.

Mary Berg – Producer & Host, A Musical Offering, former Secretary of the PNB and KPFA LSB, and member of the Program Council, among many other things.

Rivian Berlin - former producer Women’s Magazine, Listener.

Dennis Bernstein – Executive Producer of Flashpoints.

Max J. Blanchet – Former KPFA Local Advisory Board (LAB) and Local Station Board (LSB) Member.

Jeff Blankfort - co-founder of the original SaveKPFA in 1993 and of Take Back KPFA in 1995.

Gail Blasie - former KPFA LSB member.

Bonnie Bone – Early Morning Music Host, programmer, engineer.

Joseph Bolden – Poor News Network, Morning Mix.

Daniel Borgstrom – KPFA Listener, blogger at Daniel’s Free Speech Zone.

Tanya Brannan - KPFA Listener.

Gray Brechin - University of California Geographer.

Eric Brooks – Environmental, social justice, consumer, and global justice movement activist since 1985; currently Sustainability Chair – San Francisco Green Party.

Carol Brouillet – Community Currency.org, and Co-Founder, International Media Project.

Virginia Browning – KPFA Listener.

Donna Carter - KPFA Listener.

Linda Champagne – KPFA Listener.

Richard Clifford – KPFA Listener.

Coalition for a democratic Pacifica

George Coates – Producer, Twit Wit Radio.

Mitchel Cohen – Chair, WBAI Local Station Board, Brooklyn Greens.

Michael Costello – North Bay for KPFA Folio in Exile 2000.

Vicente R. Cruz II – Oakland Green Party Outreach Committee.

Gavin Dahl – KPFA Listener/supporter, Board Member community radio advocate and activist engineering outfit Common Frequency, News Director of Pacifica Affiliate Station KYRS in Spokane.

Susan da Silva - Former Chair KPFA LSB.

Justine Daniel - Social Justice Center of Marin.

Todd Davies – KPFA listener.

Afrikahn Jamal Dayvs - Ear Thyme.

Lisa Dettmer – Women’s Magazine KPFA.

Barbara and Barry Deutsch – KPFA/Pacifica subscribers since 1963.

Ivar Diehl – KPFA Listener, Occupier, Business Owner.

Ariel Dougherty - KPFA Listener.

Neil Dunaetz - KPFA Listener.

Laurie Edwards – KPFA Listener, Educator.

Bob English – Pacfica/KPFA Listener from the ’60s, active in the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), Peoples’ Radio, KPFA Election Committee. UFW San Francisco Support Committee, SEIU 790 elected chapter rep/negotiation team, Public Employees for a Democratic Union 2006.

Carolyn Epple - Retired Professor, Sonoma State University.

Joseph Estrada - Full Circle.

Shawn Ewald - Co-Founder A-Infos Radio Project; one of the early activists in the original Free Pacifica movement in the ’90s.

Bonnie Faulkner - Producer, Guns & Butter.

Jane Fehlberg – KPFA Listener.

Denise Ferry – KPFA Listener since 1982.

Anthony Fest – Producer, KPFA Weekend News, KPFA Local Station Board Staff Representative.

Vickie M. Fouts – KFCF board member.

Peter Franck – Former President of the Pacifica Foundation (1980-1984).

Ann Garrison - Reporter KPFA Weekend News and Host, producer, WBAI Afrobeat Radio.

James P. Geraghty - Marin Peace and Justice Coalition.

Maria Gilardin - Producer, TUC Radio.

Pam Gill – KPFA Listener.

Steve Gilmartin - KPFA Listener.

Terry Goodman – KPFK Listener/former LSB Member.

Lisa Gray-Garcia – Poor News Network, Morning Mix.

David Greene – First KPFA Elections Coordinator.

Noelle Hanrahan – Producer, Prison Radio.

Michael Hardesty – KPFA Listener

Roger D. Harris – Vice President, Task Force on the Americas.

Carol Harvey – KPFA Listener.

John Harwayne – KPFA Member.

Rose Hauer – KPFA Listener.

Chandra Hauptman – Former KPFA LSB and Pacifica National Board listener-representative.

Dave Heller - KPFA Listener.

Dolores Helman - KPFA Listener.

Jack Heyman – Former Executive Board Member ILWU Local 10, longtime labor activist.

Linda Hewitt – KPFA/Pacifica Listener since 1968; active in Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP) and Peoples’ Radio.

Kane Hoffman – KPFA Listener.

Valerie Hood - KPFA Listener and phone room volunteer.

Mickey Huff – Associate Professor of History at Diablo Valley College, director of Project Censored, Co-Host with Dr. Peter Phillips of the Project Censored Show.

April Hurley – Listener, MD for the uninsured in Santa Rosa.

Mesha Irizarry - Executive Director, Idriss Stelley Foundation to Combat Police Violene, Co-Director, Education Not Incarceration, and Online Admin, Occupy Da’ Hood SF.

Jon Jackson – KPFA Listener.

Cynthia Johnson – KPFA Local Station Board member, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Ecumenical Peace Institute.

Xan Joi – Bay Area Codepink.

Kahlil Karn - KPFA listener.

Jena Katz – KPFA Listener, left activist.

Kim Kaufman – KPFK Local Station Board Treasurer, member Pacifica National Finance Committee.

Carolyn Keddy – KPFA Listener.

Dorothy Kidd - Professor, Dept of Media Studies, University of San Francisco, and long-time community radio producer and advocate.

Alice Diane Kisch – KPFA Listener.

Robert Knight – Anchor, Five O’Clock Shadow investigative newsmagazine on WBAI; Correspondent, “The Knight Report” on Flashpoints.

Janet Kobren – KPFA LSB Listener Member, activist around the Occupy movement, Palestine, democratic media, election integrity, environment, housing justice, and other issues.

Monique Koller - KPFA Listener.

Marilyn Langlois - KPFA Listener, Richmond Progressive Alliance Steering Committee, Haiti Action Committee.

David Landau – KPFA Weekend News.

Adrienne Lauby - Host/producer, Pushing Limits, KPFA unpaid staff.

Clay Leander – Unpaid Staff Program Council Representative.

Sandy LeonVest – Editor & Publisher of Solar Times; Radio Host-Producer for the Progressive Radio Network.

Kenya Lewis – Save KUSF volunteer.

Barbara Lubin – Executive Director, Middle East Children’s Alliance; Friends of Free Speech Radio (1999-2001).

Laura MacDougall – KPFA Listener from the South Bay.

Jeff Mackler - Director, Mobilization to Free Mumia abu Jamal; West Coast Coordinator, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; Member, Administrative Council, UNAC (United National Antiwar Committee).

Neil Maclean – KPFA Listener.

Neal Madnick - KPFA Listener.

Abby Martin – Founder & Editor in Chief of Media Roots.

Signe Mattson – KPFA Listener since 1957, former outreach and frequent phone volunteer.

Cynthia McKinney – Green Party Candidate for President (2008); 6-term member of the US House of Representatives.

Jim McWilliams – KPFA Listener.

Barbara Michel – KPFA Listener since 1972.

Adam David Miller - African-American poet, writer, publisher, and radio programmer and producer.

Jenny Miller – KPFA Listener.

Nicole Milner – KPFA Listener, Coalition for a democratic Pacifica.

Evangeline Mix – KPFA Volunteer receptionist for the past 4 months.

Stephanie K. Miyashiro - KPFA Listener.

Miguel Gavilan Molina - Producer/Host La Onda Bajita; Flashpoints Roving Producer & Producer of Flashpoints En Espanol.

Joy Moore – Full Circle, About Health.

Aimee Murray - KPFA Listener.

Jonathan Nack – Veteran activist and journalist based in Oakland.

Attila Nagy – North Bay for KPFA, Santa Rosa Occupy, former KPFA Local Station Board member.

Marilyn Naparst - Long-time listener.

Henry Norr – Retired journalist, member of the KPFA LSB since 2006, activist around Palestine, torture, ending wars, labor solidarity, and other issues.

Oakland Greens – See statement.

Lucienne O’Keefe – Long-time Listener and supporter.

Robbie Osman - Host, Across the Great Divide.

Michael Parenti – Author & Lecturer.

Jean Pauline - KPFA activist listener since 1959. Bound Together Bookstore
Collective member.

Peace and Freedom Party of Alameda County

Peace and Freedom Party of California

Ed Pearl - Founder/Operator of the Ash Grove in LA, organizer with the “Take Back KPFK” Campaign, served two terms on KPFK’s first elected board.

Gail Penso, RN – KPFA Listener, BFUU, Bach, Earth.

David Peterson - Writer, Chicago.

Richard Phelps – Chair, KPFA LSB 2005-2006.

Peter Phillips - Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, former Director of Project Censored, Co-Producer of Project Censored heard Friday mornings on The Morning Mix.

Thomas Plagemann – Save KUSF, Plagemann Design & Building.

Paul Platt – SF Green Party County Council, long-time KPFA listener/supporter.

Stevyn Polk – KUSF in Exile Program Director.

Emmit Powell - Producer & Host The Gospel Experience.

Andrea Prichett – LSB Current Listener Representative, teacher and co-founder of Berkeley Copwatch.

Mary Prophet - Listener, Steering Committee USLAW, member Alameda Co. Central Labor Council, & co-chair California Teachers Assoc, Peace & Justice Caucus.

Fran Rachel - KPFA Listener.

Les Radke – Co-Host Bill Mandel’s Soviet Union Program, Vice President Richmond Federation of Teachers for several years, Member of the Contra Costa Labor Council for several years, Co-Founder of Coalition for a democratic Pacifica, Education Chair of KPFA’s former Education Collective, Member of Californians for Electoral Reform for 10 years, KPFA Local Election Supervisor for 2003, Pacifica National Election Supervisor for 2006 & 2009.

Kate Raphael – Women’s Magazine.

Mary Ratcliff – Listener and San Francisco Bayview Editor.

Willie Ratcliff – Publisher, San Francisco Bayview, Former member for six years of the KPFA Local Advisory Board and Local Station Board.

Malihe Razazan – Co-host & Producer, Voices of the Middle East & North Africa, and Producer of Your Call on KALW.

Aaron Reaven – KPFA Listener.

Mara Rivera – KPFA Listener-supporter since 1962.

Lillith Rogers – KPFA Listener.

Colleeen Rose - Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas.

Jamie Ross – Chair of the Pacifica board’s national finance committee before Tracy.

San Francisco Green Party

Jan Santos – KPFA listener, former Pushing Limits collective member.

Marc Sapir, MD, MPH, public sector primary care doc and “Mad as Hell Doctors for Medicare for All” activist.

Oriana Saportas – Community Organizer with ACCE in Oakland, former KPFA Local Election Supervisor (2010).

Michael-David Sasson – Union Steward, CUE-IBT Local 2010 (former president of the Berkeley chapter).

Art Sato – Host, In Your Ear.

Doyle Saylor – KPFA Listener, former host & producer, Pushing Limits.

David Schonbrunn - Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund (TRANSDEF).

Wendy Schroell — Pacifica National Board Member 2004-2005, 2007-2009; KPFT Local Station Board 2004-2009.

Sharon M. Scott – President, WRVU Friends & Family.

Shelly Scribner - KPFA Listener.

Nina Serrano – Bookwaves: Open Book; La Raza Chronicles.

John Sheridan – KPFA Listener.

Ruthanne Shpiner – Unpaid staff KPFA Weekend News Reporter.

Keith Harmon Snow – KPFA Listener.

Sally Sommer – Active with KPFA/Pacifica since 1999 with the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica. Served on the KPFA elections committees over the years since then.

Andres Soto – Host/Producer The Morning Mix.

Carol Spooner - Former PNB member (Jan 2002-Jan 2005), former KPFA LSB member (Apr 2000-Apr 2005), former lead plaintiff in the “listeners’ lawsuit to remove the old Pacifica Board (1999-2001).

Alex Steinberg – Pacifica National Board Member and LSB Member from WBAI. (See statement on additional statements page.)

Frank Sterling – Flashpoints; Full Circle.

Rick Sterling – KPFA Listener.

Roger Stoll – Secretary, Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas.

Leslie Stovall – The Morning Mix

Irwin Swirnoff – Spokesperson, Save KUSF

B. Emily Sykes – KPFA Listener, Marin Peace and Justice Coalition.

Akio Tanaka – KPFA Local Station Board member.

Kate Tanaka – KPFA Local Station Board member.

Steve Taylor-Ramirez – KPFA Listener.

Richard Uzzell – Former KPFT LSB and Pacifica National Board listener-representative.

JR Valrey – Host/Producer the Morning Mix & Block Report Radio.

Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D. - City Councilwoman Santa Rosa, CA.

Mari Villaluna – Poor News Network, Morning Mix.

Tom Vorhees – KPFA Listener, early-on engineering volunteer.

Lindsay Vurek – KPFA Listener.

Joe Wanzala – Former KPFA LSB and Pacifica National Board member.

Elaine Wellin – Sonoma State Univ./Media Freedom Foundation.

Laura Wells - Green Party candidate for the 2010 California Governor’s race.

Dave Welsh - Labor organizer, journalist, musician, letter carrier, S.F. Labor Council delegate. Member of Occupy Oakland, Freedom Song Network, Haiti Action Committee.

Carla West – Flashpoints.

Sue Wilson – Producer, Broadcast Blues.

Candace Wolf – Pacifica listener, storyteller, Washington, DC.

Betsy Wolf-Graves – KPFA Listener.

Gregory Wonderwheel – KPFA Listener.

Stan Woods - former KPFA LSB member, Member Occupy Oakland/Labor Solidarity Committee.

Steve Zeltzer – Labor journalist.
by lady s
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 8:52 PM
"The situation is too grim to take refuge in firing squads" says Tracy Rosenberg.

That, from the *inventor* of the firing squad at KFPA? What person in their right mind would target the most listened-to and profitable program (the Morning Show) and wipe it out in order to install her friends on air, and then complain about a firing squad?

by Dumb Crap
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 11:13 PM
When will these people get it through their head that three of the 4 staffers associated with the old morning show were at the bottom of the seniority list at a station with a contract that says "seniority must prevail".

These constant assertions that being on in drivetime or higher fund drive totals somehow trump the union contract are tiresome and juvenile.

Only at KPFA does the bargaining unit appeal the terms of ITS OWN CONTRACT and LOSE 5 times in a row.

And they still waste everyones time making defamatory comments about layoffs being "illegal and retaliatory" when they were nothing of the kind.

The issue is that the entrenched staff's *friends* were taken off the air (because the station was losing money hand over fist).

We all love our friends. But that's no excuse for advocating the violation of the contract and labor law. If layoffs had to happen, and a million dollars of losses in 2 years says they did have to happen, then the old Morning Show had to be the affected program.

To say anything else is just ridiculous in a union shop.

by Carcass Fight
Thursday Jun 21st, 2012 11:31 PM
It's really too funny how the Save KPFA folks quote their own propaganda to support their own propaganda.

Is this the sort of fact-checking they advocate?

Ask yourself if you agree with yourself?

This sort of hamster wheel argument would be hysterical if it didn't indicate the sad depths to which KPFA has fallen. A food fight for programming slots on a dying station.

If you ask me, its time to start all over again with those who understand they are privileged to serve a community for a limited amount of time and then they make space for others to do the same.

No one should feel entitled.

The public airwaves belong to the public.
by Matt
Saturday Jun 30th, 2012 5:28 PM
"It just had its worst fund drive effort of the past five years, bringing in a dismal $636,000 for an organization with a $1.85 million annual payroll and $3 million dollars in annual expenses."

Well I hope that I had a part in that.

I have been working hard among my friends for the last two years to divert all or our money that would have gone to KPFA into other deserving work here in the Bay Area and God only knows there are plenty of groups that need money right now. It has been a relatively easy sell to get people to give in other directions when you can present the fascist, union-busting actions of the current management. To think that firing full time people to replace them with volunteers is OK is Romneyesque, something that the KOCH BROTHERS would suggest.

I know that my friends and I have given more than $17,400 to other causes in the last two years that would have gone to KPFA in happier times.

I believe we have influenced more people than that, but I can't prove it.

I know that the people at the station that are fighting the Rosenburg/Engelhart assault on KPFA would never want us to boycott, but I know that money is the only way to reach right wing extremists like Rosenburg and Engelhart. Firing BET and closing the Morning Show were the final straws for many of us.

When the Morning Show is restarted and the Engelhart/Rosenburg alliance are gone from the station and the foundation, we will again be able to support this marvelous station.

There are many listeners like us that understand that killing KPFA is better than letting it linger on under this right-wing cabal that has seized control of it in the last few years.
by Spare me
Tuesday Jul 3rd, 2012 10:09 PM
Mr. Matt,

Where were you in 2009 and 2010 when KPFA posted operating deficits of $575,000 and $585,000 consecutively?

If the station hadn't lost 30% of it's subscribers between 2005 and 2009, there wouldn't have had to be any cuts.

"Happier times" my friend, was insolvency.
by Avera
Friday Sep 28th, 2012 5:13 PM
This station will not get a cent from me unless the troubles stop. Ordinary people have NO time to "understand" all this.....and they WILL NOT fork over unless there's something so strong...so much stronger than any comparable venue.....that the conclusion is clear. It needs to be supported. That's not what we are hearing now. Meanwhile I do what I can to make a better world.