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Occupy Raley’s Supermarkets
by GW 99%
Wednesday Jun 20th, 2012 10:21 AM
Dear Union Activist, Labor Supporters & Occupiers,

Raley's Supermarkets has been in stalled contract negotiations since Oct 2011. Raleys is a privately held chain that operates stores under the Raley’s, Bel Air Markets and Nob Hill banners in Northern California.
Traditionally in the past during grocery negotiations Raley’s has always settled on a “me too” deal, excepting what was negotiated between the workers union(UFCW) and the bigger grocery companies like Safeway, Save Mart/Lucky and Albertsons.

Not this time! This go around Raley’s has decided to try and play hard ball during these contract negotiations. We have reports that Raley’s has hired professional union buster Robert Tiernan from Tiernan & Associates to intimidate, harass and pressure Raleys workers in accepting a deal that would make them parallel with the average Walmart worker . Also Raley’s hired union buster has engaged an aggressive campaign to divided the union shops by getting workers to opt out of the union as financial core members. It's been reported that many of the Raley's workers being targeted by Raley's corporate for "financial core membership" are the younger workers and newer hires, but we've heard that in many stores, especially in the Sacramento areas even some of the older work force has been pressured to "opt out"!

It's also been reported that any Raleys, Bel Air and Nob Hill workers refusing to opt out and vowing to strike are being put on "target list" by corporate management. Workers on these list are being targeted for transfers, management harassment and termination.

Not a surprise that Raley's has decided to use these times to try and bust the grocery workers union ! For years now the UFCW has been more concerned with cultivating their corporate partnerships rather then educating, agitating and mobilizing the workers so they can put up a real defense against the greed of the Capitalist 1%. It's no wonder why these workers feel their only option for survival is to submit to the corporate intimidation.

This is why we've come here today to ask for your help! Those of us involved with the grocery industry willing to stand and fight are spread thin throughout the massive geographical Northern California areas in which these grocery negotiations will affect. Are only hope is to appeal to those Union Activist, Labor Supporters and Occupiers who are not afraid to engage in conflict with the greedy Capitalist 1%. Our union leadership does not have the testicular fortitude to engage in battle so we humbly ask you, can you help?

What we'd like see is a mass Occupation on all Raley's, Bel Air & Nob Hill stores in Northern California handing out the following leaflet to all workers within these stores.

Even better, protest, marches and occupations inside and out of stores would be a welcome sight!

The message we'd like to see get out in mass is "how important it is for workers to stand strong and united against the corporate greed right now"! Now is not the time to be divided as workers.

Supporters may want to call Raley's CEO Michael Teel at (916) 373-3333 and voice their concerns about Raley's union busting tactics and attacks on retiree healthcare .

We’d like to specifically appeal to Occupy Oakland and Occupy Sacramento and ask if you’d consider discussing involvement with this issue at your next general assembly?

Time is crucial for solidarity actions within these stores! We have reports that the UFCW and Save Mart Supermarkets have settled on a disastrous concessionary deal(which should be unveiled to workers this week) that will fast tract grocery workers continued race to the bottom! Raley’s workers will be forced, at a minimum, to except the same or maybe even something more concessionary.

We graciously thank anyone and everyone willing to show solidarity & support!

In Solidarity
We are Grocery Workers 99%