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Spies for Intel: creating a war zone in America
by S LeBoeuf
Tuesday Jun 19th, 2012 1:51 PM
The NSA has a long history of spying on American citizens to put protestor names on domestic watch lists since the Vietnam war. Could this be going on today?
Secretly collecting “evidence” through satellite eavesdropping already was practiced as early as 1967, according to “Body of Secrets” investigative reporter and bestselling author James Bamford.

The military wanted to spy on Americans and requested NSA secret and unlawful surveillance of citizens and their group participation, blurring the line between foreign enemies and American citizens so that secret evidence could be used against them.

Being afraid of the growing movement of anti-Vietnam protestors, the FBI, CIA, and DIA gathered names for their watch lists.

Creating what might be called a secret, “virtual nation” through a “massive computer network” called ECHELON that collected data shared around the world, these spy agencies collected personal information about targeted Americans by covert means.

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The domestic watch list program, according to Bamford, was called MINARET and was designed to keep track of “civil disturbances, antiwar movements/demonstrations and Military deserters involved in the antiwar movements.” Any protests against military action in Vietnam would be action against the military-industrial complex, among other concerns.

His chapter, “Muscle”, expresses Bamford’s concern about secret invasions of U.S. citizen’s privacy;

Unchecked, UKUSA’s worldwide eavesdropping network could become a sort of cyber secret police, without courts, juries, or the right to a defense. … Whether NSA spies on American citizens has long been a troubling question.

Later the NSA provided intelligence during key international trade conferences to give the U.S. the edge in negotiations in the 1990’s.

Since Bamford’s book was published in 2002, our country has become significantly worse; our middle class has dwindled with economic woes, a major car manufacturer has moved overseas, the handful of corporate-owned “mainstream media” organizations seeming to obey and control interests of “the 1%”, the development of drones being used to fight our citizens right to privacy and to make it easier to kill people from a safe distance, President Obama and his “kill lists”, the continuing economic problems in the U.S., engineered anthrax and other biochemical warfare being developed by Fort Dietrich used against citizens, citizens reporting being tortured through electromagnetic weapons, and the growing need for a “national security” causing the loss of privacy and threatening our society with a need to “neutralize” or kill them.

With all the satellites in the skies listening, watching and peeking into our personal lives, we seem to be fast becoming a constitutional-less, border-less, liberty-less society where the “multinational cyberspies” Bamford wrote about perform without restraint under the criminally used guise of “national security”.

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Author's columns: Civil Rights Examiner Suzanne LeBoeuf
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