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Sex And Diet
by S Shriver
Friday Jun 15th, 2012 9:54 AM
Fruitarian and vegan diet are optimal for sexual functioning, while animal, bird and fish flesh
as well as animal products retard sexual functioning.

Sex And Diet

Animal products reduce sexual functioning

(if you are celibate for spiritual or other reasons, please do
not take offense.)

Sons of coweating mothers have lower sperm counts and some infertility,
according to a
team at the university of rochester medical center in new york
which studied data on the partners of 387 pregnant women in five u.s. cities
between 2000 and 2005, and on the mothers of the fathers-to-be.

Gynecomastia is swelling of male breasts, due in the us mainly to the
government's allowance of female hormones given to cows.. hormones banned in
europe before the world trade organization 'court'' forced european countries to
accept american dairy products. these hormones cause breast, uterine, cervical,
ovarian and prostate cancers.
Impotence and animal fat, plaque lining arteries

The chief cause of impotence is animal fat from meat fish and dairy blocking the
penile arteries..

Pharmaceutical manufacturers of erectile dysfunction drugs have hidden the
correlation of their drugs to blindness. the increased pressure from these drugs
on already blocked arteries causes arterial pipebursts. Michael Klaper MD has
lectured and written on the
fact that a 1/4 blockage in the penile arteries multiplies the pressure by 16

The brutal castration and branding pain inflicted on bulls causes a karmic
return to some of the men eating their cadavers.
Unnatural sexual excitation

Female hormones in animal flesh (in the us and some other countries) constantly
unnaturally sex appetites with consequent correlation to rape, pedophilia.
Energy and endurance

Carnivores like lions give out after a short sprint Dr Irving Fisher at
primate abusing Yale found that randomly selected vegetarians could hold their
arms at length 9 times longer than members of the yale football team. Scott
Jurekis one of several vegan athletes who have set records at iron man contests.
Weight loss and beauty

Dr Mervyn Hardinge's isocaloric studies revealed that after 3 months on the same
number of calories, nonvegetarians weighed the most, dairy vegetarians an
average 11 lbs. less, vegans 23 lbs. less while fruitarians not in the study
weighed less than the other 3 groups.

The butyric acid in animal fat causes an offensive smell in the skin.


The adrenalin hormones secreted by terrorized animals for days in transit to
slaughter and in the slaughterhouse saturate the flesh. cooking only partially
breaks down the links in the hormones. eating meat is correlated to aggression,
in general and in the sex life.

Spiritual teachers write that sexuality is energy and that those who waste it in
momentary pleasure have less energy for enduring work.

the sexual fluids of nonvegetarians are more acidic and bitter (less
alkaline) than those of vegetarians vegans and fruitarians. this is an
additional factor preventing pregnancy.
Promiscuity in both straight and gay
populations reduces life expectancy

Sexual orientation.

Promiscuous gay and straight men live an average 7 years less than
nonpromiscuous gay and straight men,. from immune deficiency diseases caused by
adapting to the organisms in other systems, from std's in general, and from
correlation to violence. just as a human being's immune system is exhausted more
each time he or she consumes another animal, in the same way, immune systems are
harmed by multiple sex partners. anal sex creates more health hazards because of
the ecoli (colon bacteria). and muscle rupture. in oral sex,
one is confronted with the amazing variety of toxic organisms from the eating of
animal flesh.

Promiscuous gay and straight men and women spread aids, syphilis, gonorrhea,
clamydia, crabs etc. to the general population. promiscuity becomes a public
health issue.

Prostitution.. differing opinions

Street prostitution:
1. exploits the young
2. exploits the poor on the streets
3. attracts 2 way crime
a. the corner hooker's pimps are often muggers of the johns
b. the hookers are beaten both by pimps and johns
4. spreads lethal diseases (aids and syphilis kill..
cervical cancer, gonorrhea, clamydia, crabs and other std's)
5. busts families
6. pornography is linked to rape, incest, pedophilia, prostitution and other
7. the hormones given by monsanto and other corporations to
animals in concentration camps stimulate unnaturally the sex drive.
8. around the world, young women and sometimes men are enslaved, not free to
leave. from polygamous men in saudi arabia, utah, arizona to thai and burmese
child prostitution,
the worship of beauty of form in youth causes kidnappings and death.
9. the very military which says it wants to rescue women from the taliban (but
not from saudi arabian sheiks) is the one which through its familybusting, keeps
prostitution houses
going in dubai and elsewhere.
10. the problems of an extended military in providing for the sex needs of
confined men has led to international incidents of rape in japan, okinawa,
germany etc.

Call girl rings cause 3, 4 and 5 in the above list.

Some libertarians want prostitution legalized (someone once said he wanted to
give the civil service exams)...others want it outlawed.. most don't want it out
on the street. selling the body
for money is legal in the netherlands and in parts of nevada. these places have
become magnets for crime.

Some think that prostitutes service the unattractive, the handicapped.

4 anecdotes:

A psychic healer able to see auras said to a woman not realizing that she was a
hooker: "have you had a lot of different sex partners?.. the aura below your
waist is brown".
she was not offended but intrigued by his perception. he told her that she
exchanged karma with every partner she had.

A traveling man: "watching porn on hbo inflamed me so much that
i went out on the prowl looking for action "

A man about to attempt to seduce a young blonde woman
was given a psychic vision of her in her previous life, as
a nonagenarian male. the vision was a lustbuster

Lust is God's way of binding together former life foes that they work out karma
-Tanya Siri- paraphrased some partnerships are the opposite... a reward for past
life good

-saiom shriver-

by Shriver
Monday Mar 11th, 2013 5:09 PM

There are 3.8 million links on uric acid (the pre-urine in animals' cells when
they are killed) as a cause of premature baldness.