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Navy drone burned and crashed in Maryland
by DLi
Tuesday Jun 12th, 2012 8:21 PM
US Navy officials announced on Monday that one of its most-advanced RQ-4A Global Hawk drones crashed and burned near a swamp in Dorchester County, Maryland, while it was on a "routine training mission." Concerned citizens and Peace activists are justifiably alarmed that such an expensive($176 million per RQ-4A drone) and sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicle could have caused civilian casualties. Indeed, it will be only a matter of when--not if--a future malfunctioning drone would cause serous "collateral damage" on domestic population and property.
With the massive "surge" in robotic surveillance and "killer" drones favored by the US Military and even down to state and local law enforcement agencies, this proliferation of uncontrolled robotic planes will inevitably cause human casualties. How will government officials justify the enormous uptick in risk to civilians, and how will they be held accountable? And what about the hugely expensive costs to develop and manufacture them--who will pay for them, and even more scary, who will pay for the wrongful-death compensation costs and the attendant astronomical insurance premiums? These are the serious questions that must be addressed before these "attacks by killer drones" will become a regular broadcast feature on the evening news across the land. Stay tuned for more alarming developments...