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KPFA Host & "Save KPFA" Supporter Says Bob Scheer Is "Raving" For Criticism Of Obama
by repost
Monday Jun 11th, 2012 6:47 AM
"Save KPFA" Supporter Philip Maldari accused writer and journalist Bob Scheer of being "raving" for his criticism of Obama and the policies of the Democrats. He also appealed to the audience by saying he was being "paid" by the station to support Obama and the Democrats

KPFA host Philip Maldari accused journalist and writer Bob Scheer of "raving" for his sharp criticism of the Obama administration and the Democrats. He also said he was being paid by the station to take a position in defense of the government. He is a supporter of the "Save KPFA" crew that have wanted to make KPFA more like NPR and less activist.
This political attack on Scheer continues that political history of Maldari.
§Obama "happy days are here again"
by repost Monday Jun 11th, 2012 6:47 AM

KPFA host Philip Maldari was angry that writer and journalist Bob Scheer was sharply critical of the Obama administration. Maldari told the audience he was paid to do damage control for the Obama administration in his interviews and that Scheer was "raving" like a crazy man.
by Butter Yes
Tuesday Jun 12th, 2012 1:30 AM
I heard Maldari say something like that as well "that's what I'm paid..." [for], but I think it was a slip. I actually am not sure which of these people believe the biggest baddest part of the Dem party is pulling or could be pulling their strings. (some of them anyway). Some of them, as we who know know, have very long commitments to "infiltrating" the Dems, believing themselves to be a type of progressive, but a type that knows more than other progressives. Please, "Hate Pacifica Gang" "exposer" don't take this as an invite. Whether they're in the CIA or not is something we can't know, and it doesn't actually matter in the sense that the harm is the same whether or not. Plus - the CIA is spying ON OTHERS, and the problem here is the disinforming coming FROM them. Ok, I get it, CIA full of disinformation specialists too. But really, the harm is the same even if all they're doing is trying to pay their mortgages, so can we not have the HPG-Exposee cancel out readers here? All we know for sure is that some of these folks have been dedicated for years (and they could afford to continue to justify what they do from their fairly stable perches in airwaveville, or to the extent the perches weren't stable, like politicians spending wide hunks of time raising capital to keep their jobs rather than learn and change problems, these hosts have at times parasitically decided the airwaves as society-shaker would just have to take a back-seat, to raising P.R. capital to keep their jobs. Or at least they had to take on a back-seat driver.)

This is not as simple as first seeming, but it does mean listeners have, to an extent, been played...

by Cartwright
Thursday Jun 14th, 2012 2:26 PM
What Phillip Maldari said is "I get paid the big bucks to somehow provide a challenge to Bob Scheer". It's at 33 minutes in. The interchange begins at about 27 minutes after the hour after Maldari asks whether it is "better" to attack Iran cybernetically or to carpet bomb the country to "get rid of centrifuges". They get into it until about 42 minutes after the hour.

Earlier in the program, he refers to Scheer as "raving". That interchange begins at 19 minutes after the hour.

For those who find Pacifica trivia amusing, there are call-ins from former PNB members Sherry Gendelman and Tomas Moran. Maldari cuts off Moran at the end of the hour.

While it was probably a lame attempt at humor, one wishes so much energy would be applied to "somehow challenging" the many failures of the democratic party and the bureaucratic wing of the labor movement. Can't we have on democratic politicians and grill them as intensely as Bob Scheer?

by Had Enough
Sunday Jun 17th, 2012 4:42 AM
It is bad enough that these 2 hoarse old men are given so much time on KPFA. Worse is that Philip Maldari promotes the bankrupt social order in which we live. Maldari should be encouraged to retire as he is at least 65, probably older. Since Sunday mornings should be peaceful and not filled with garbage like this, and since KPFA needs money badly, it should broadcast WBAI's program Through the Opera Glass at 9 a.m., following nicely after the only classical music program we now have on KPFA from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., A Musical Offering. There are lots of us who are socialists and listen to classical music exclusively. As it is, Sunday mornings, I listen to my classical music station as I certainly will not listen to political bull sessions. Here is the description, heard on Sundays on New York's WBAI, 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. We could rebroadcast an earlier program each week here. See http://www.wbai.org/program.php?program=45 and below:

Sundays, 6 AM - 9 AM

Hosted by: Ivan Hametz, Mark Laiosa, Monya

The show presents recorded opera with an emphasis on rarely produced and lesser known work, artists and historic recordings of more well known works. The show also presents interview with various artists on the operatic scene.

Host/producer profiles:

Anthony Coggi originated a weekly program "A Box at The Opera," a program of news, views, reviews, previews, and interviews on the operatic scene and the best in recorded opera. He continued as host of the program for almost 50 years until WFUV eliminated all classical music from its schedule. Simultaneously he produced another weekly program (The Operaphile) devoted to operative excerpts. He also broadcast over WEVD, WNYC and various local TV outlets. He also hosted live performances, lectured and moderated panel discussions and seminars for a number of opera-oriented organizations. He directed operas for various local companies, most notably the American premier of Saint-Saen's Henry VIII. He also reviewed vocal and operative recordings and books for Fanfare Magazine and acts as critic at large for other publications. He is on the advisory boards of Opera Index, The Von Wayditch Foundation, and Teatro Grattacielo.

Regina Fiorito-Sokol, executive producer
1975-1986 Assistant Producer
1986-present Executive Producer
Regina Fiorito-Sokol has appeared as a performer in Opera, Concert (Town Hall, Carnegie Hall), Radio and Television (Lawrence Welk, Arthur Godfrey), Night Clubs (Copa Cabana and others) and Supper Clubs. She has been picture editor of the monthly New York City Opera publication Spotlight. She was the curator of the New York City Opera?s 40th Anniversary Photo Exhibition and at present is a volunteer for the Metropolitan Opera Archives. She has served in various positions as member of the staff of the International Center of Photography. She served as researcher and photo editor for the book "New York City Opera -- an American Adventure" by Martin L. Sokol. She also at present serves on the advisory board of The Teatro Grattacielo -- a small opera company producing Verismo Opera.