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Republican Dirty Tricks In Wisconsin
by S Shriver
Wednesday Jun 6th, 2012 9:12 AM
bankster pawns,
silent stalkers
gave false victory
to Scott Walker
Exit polls, the most accurate election prediction, gave a deadheat in the third governor recall in US history. The other 2 were successful and this was as well, but the victory for the Democrats was not recorded. Many students at Wisconsin colleges could not vote. The election board was flooded by their calls. Walker outspent his opponent 7 to 1. That is not democracy but plutocracy, government by money which like manure, Drew Pearson says, stinks when amassed in one place.

Diebold which arranged the theft of US elections from Gore and Kerry, was headed by a CEO who promised Dick Cheney at the Fairlawn Hilton in Fairlawn Ohio he would win for Cheney.

Election Systems and Software's CEO, Chuck Hagel, was a Republican who managed to declare himself the winner in a Senate race after counting his own votes. Later ESS sold its company to the arrangers of the Wisconsin theft. Walker, like the Florida governor and Lehman Brothers and Fox News operative John Kasich, who would become the execution governor of Ohio, gave back against popular will the federal mass transit money to Washington.
All 3 are petroplutocrat pawns.

The people who control voting in Wisconsin: