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Sunday (6/10): Attorney Dan Siegel on Effects of the Occupy Movement
by repost
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2012 2:59 PM
Dan Siegel is a well-known trial and appellate attorney who has represented individuals, labor unions, community organizations, government agencies, and businesses in complex civil litigation for over 35 years. He is nationally known as an expert in employment and labor law, particularly in cases involving college and university faculty members and athletics coaches. He has tried over 125 cases to jury verdict.

Green Sunday, June 10th, 5 – 6:30 pm

This June's "Green Sunday" will feature Dan Siegel, the noted civil rights attorney, talking about the effects of the Occupy movement on our civil rights and civil liberties. Already our movement has been facing attacks on our right to protest and the militarization of our local police forces. We look forward to an informative talk and a lively discussion on how to respond.

Recently, during legal proceedings between the Regents of the University of California and the Gill Tract Farmers Collective, Dan Siegel gave a presentation to the Court about “Occupy the Farm” in Albany:

“When defense lawyer Dan Siegel spoke, he made no argument as to whether or not the Farmers had or had not entered the land in question, though he did note that there was no evidence that several of the named parties had been on the land. Rather, his argument rested on the contours of the land itself, whether or not the land is ‘private’ or ‘public,’ and the charge that the UC has the means to remedy the problem without seeking injunctive relief from the Court. “I am amused by the characterization of the property as private property,” Siegel said. “Unless something remarkable has happened in the last 48 hours, the Gill Tract is no more private property than this courthouse is. The Regents are stewards of public property, they do not own the property,” Siegel said.”
See: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/06/02/18714576.php

LOCATION: Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave. at 65th in North Oakland.

DIRECTIONS: One block north of Alcatraz on the West side of Telegraph, wheelchair accessible. Buses pass by regularly. Ashby BART is approximately 7 blocks away.

SPONSOR: Green Sundays are a series of free programs & discussions sponsored by the Green Party of Alameda County. They are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The monthly business meeting of the County Council of the Green Party of Alameda County follows at 6:45 p.m. Council meetings are always open to anyone who is interested.

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