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Fighting continues in Syria as rebels forces kill at least 80 regime soldiers
by Bruno Saleme
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2012 3:01 AM
A member of the Free Syrian Army poses for a photograph in front of a tank seized from the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad in Al-Attarib near Aleppo on May 29, 2012. Reuters

Syrian rebels killed at least 80 army soldiers in a surge of attacks at the weekend that followed their threat to resume fighting if Assad did not end violence by Friday noon. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said it was informed by the rebels that fighting units had destroyed tanks and killed more than 100 soldiers from Damascus to Idlib, in northern Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights "SOHR" said in a statment that local doctors had confirmed the names of 80 dead government soldiers.

Reuters has quoted sources within the Free Syrian Army as saying this rebel group will no longer comply with Kofi Annan's peace plan .

State news agency, SANA, said that 30 members of the security forces were killed by rebels.

"The rebels are using new kinds of weapons, such as grenade launchers," SANA news reported according to security sources.

In the meantime, Syrian TV reported that these new kinds of weapons are from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

"Those two countries are sponsors of the Free Syrian Army fighters. They also send mercenaries and al-Qaida fighters to Syria across the border in the north of Lebanon where they ‘are establishing a springboard for an armed intervention," Syrian TV added.

At Monday dawn, fierce fighting erupted between army and insurgents in the province of Idlib in which two rebels were killed, according to SOHR. On Sunday, 46 people - 19 civilians, 19 soldiers and eight rebels - were killed in the violence, according to NGO.

Meanwhile, according to diplomats and experts, international mediator Kofi Annan begins to accept the failure of his peace plan. He suggested that his efforts had reached their limits on Saturday by claiming in an Arab ministerial meeting in Doha, that a "fundamental review" of the strategy to end the crisis is needed.

Annan will speak Thursday in New York at the U.N. Security Council as opposition has reportedly urged the international community to declare and enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.

According to the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies, neither EU nor the U.S. would dare to interfere in the Syrian conflict without authorization by the U.N. Security Council.

It is worth mentioning that, Russia has dismissed any new U.N. sanctions against the Syrian regime as well as the departure of Assad and his regime, as demanded by the EU and the U.S.