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California | Environment & Forest Defense

Take The Steps To Invoke Rain
by Fruitarian Network
Tuesday May 29th, 2012 8:48 AM
Record breaking temperatures this year underline that global heating is threatening our planet.

Many areas of the world need regular soaking rain. Trees create rain by evaporating an average 42
gallons of moisture daily which becomes mist, then clouds, and then falls as rain.

Why is the area of most heat and light, the equator, only 70 degrees in equatorial rainforest and 130
degrees intemperate zone desert? Trillions of Trees. Trees as nature's weather stabilizers, account
for a 60 degree difference between rainforest on the equator and temperate zone desert. They have
been felledat an unprecedented rate. Harming trees causes fire, flood, famine,tornado and hurricane.

1. Water trees daily. If there is no planet left, money won't matter much.
2. Plant trees.
3. Say yes to trees by eating their free gifts of avocado, apples, pears, coconuts, almonds, walnuts,
and thousands of other fruits and nuts. http://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian
4. Save trees
a. cancel daily newspapers.. most of them are owned by those linked to the war machine. Read daily
newspapers if you wish in the library
b. magazines to can often be read on the web
c. install a water hose from toilet water tank .. a cleaner method than toilet paper
d. recycle all paper ...
e. buy food in bulk to avoid the waste of paper packaging. Nature puts recyclable shells on nuts,
peels on bananas, rinds on oranges. Fruit is the most perfectly packaged food.
f. build with stone or stucco, brick or block, clay. Homes can be built in lakes with metal stilts.
The Beacon Journal, ohio.com, did a story on a woman building a home with stacks of hay
and clay. This is 1. better insulation than wood 2. prevents termites 3. doesn't reuire painting
4. less mold 5. reduces the arsenic in the watershed from logging factories. 5. prevent the wood
rot which comes from moisture 6. have increasing rather than decreasing equity in your home
g. Have natural barriers such as bushes and trees or chain link rather than wood fences
h. Many supermarket chains now sell inexpensive reusable packages. If yours do not, request them.
i. Save fruit and nut seeds and scatter them in wild places.
j. Purchase furniture made with metal structure and cotton pillows, not wood
k. Work for hand dryers rather than paper in commercial bathrooms
l. Boycott those insurance companies and sue 'health' departments which mandate the killing of trees on private property
m. Require the USPS to expand the size and number of their recycling bins, to purchase only
recycled materials, to sell small envelopes, and to give receipts only if requested.
5. group and individual prayer
6. rain dances
7. stop mowing.. every blade of grass every leaf are air conditioners
8. a number of environmental studies say animal flesh is
antagonistic to the earth... since trees are cut down for cattle ranches and factory farms
Cattle and sheep grazing are a

major cause of deforestation.. Animal flesh yields a maximum of 1000 lbs an acre. Tri level agriculture
(fruit trees, vines and fruit bearing plants) yields over 450,000 lbs. peracre.
9. demand recycled, cotton, rice or other nontree paper from library copiers and printers, from
publishers etc.
10. Work for peace.
a. Trillions of trees are bombed or crushed by tanks in war.
b. Seymour Hersh reported that cloudseeding as a way of causing floods has been a tactic of the CIA. Floods in one area mean drought in others.
11. Stop the control of national, state, and local governments by corporate contractors