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Redding California Homeless or Redding California Criminals ?
by Chris Solberg
Thursday May 24th, 2012 2:46 PM
Every homeless person in this poor economy should have a safe place where they can go at night and sleep without fear and their civil and constitutional rights violated.

Our Project Homeless Connect was a few days ago, nice that shoes, packs, and sleeping bags were given out.

Not so nice is homelessness has been criminalized in the city of Redding California, with nowhere to use this necessary survival gear.

After reading the article here about the event, one would get the impression most homeless are alcoholics and drug addicts.

Alcoholism and drug addiction problems are most often a result and not the cause of finding themselves in this dreadful plight.

Let us be clear on one thing, that the majority of those homeless with alcoholism and drug addiction problems often turn to these things out of despair,

a lack of hope, a feeling of anger and betrayal.

And really why not ?

Why have a Project Homeless Connect on one day giving them necessary survival gear and spend the rest of the year writing them tickets for sleeping outdoors, sometimes taking that gear, and evicting them on site ?

There is a shelter crisis in California, and unless those in authority acknowledge this brutal truth many more of our most vulnerable population of humanity will not flourish.

If you agree more needs to be done let your voice be heard, and let others know that homelessness is not a crime...

Redding Coalition of the Homeless