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Libertarian Chaos
by Peter Radford
Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 6:47 AM
"After all the brinkmanship and game playing over the debt limit last year, and after being ridiculed by pretty much everyone, the Republicans are back at it. In an election year and with last year’s plunge in the polls as evidence that voters just don’t agree with their tactics."
"The breakdown occurs in pretending to be proffering scientifically based advice and in avoiding to make clear the assumptions necessary to arrive at the conclusions upon which that advice was based. It is the lack of transparency that is stunning and deeply corrosive. It is a betrayal of confidence. It is a persistent duping of generations of students who believe that they have learned some solid insights, when, in fact, all they have learned is one side of a many sided argument.

This effort to mask the real agenda of orthodox theory – to undermine the social structures put in place over the past seventy years – and to re-make society in the image of the naive worlds within the models of orthodoxy is appalling. And has been incredibly successful.

The infection has spread across the social sciences. It has infected business schools. It manifests itself in the stock market. In banking. In business media. In think tanks. In large public institutions. In the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. And in central banks most everywhere.

This hegemony of libertarian economics has been matched by a steady shift within the Republican party to the right. Sop far to the right that it now repudiates its own thinking and is trying to set out a new and wildly radical project to re-create an America long buried underneath the social, technological, and other advances of the past hundred years..."

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