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Justice for Suspended Safeway Worker Ryan Young
by Solidarity
Friday May 18th, 2012 10:45 AM
DEL REY OAKS - A local Safeway grocery store suspends a worker after he helped to save a woman's life.

Del Rey Oaks Police said Ryan Young stopped a man from beating his pregnant girlfriend, and possibly saved her life. His actions may cost him his job.
Young was doing his job as a meat clerk when he said he looked up and he saw Quyen Van Tran beating his girlfriend.

Now, a month later, police said Young did the right thing, but Safeway disagrees and suspended him from work without pay and there's no word on if or when he'll be back on the job.

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We believe this injustice by Safeway to our brother Ryan Young is an outrage and unacceptable! We demand justice for brother Young now!

We demand that Safeway put Young back to work immediately with FULL BACK PAY of Wages & Benefits with NO LOSS OF SENIORITY!

We are asking supporters to contact Safeway now and demand that Ryan Young be put back to work! Below is some Safeway contact information so our demands may be heard loud and clear.

Here is the store location and address where everything started.

Safeway Store #2841
815 Canyon Del Rey Road
Del Rey Oaks, Ca. 93940
1-831-393-2090 (store phone number)

Here is the name of the store manager.
Store Manager- Wanda Watson

Here is the contact for the District Supervisor, Dale Olson for all the Safeway Stores within Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

Dale Olson's contact information:
1-831-393-2129 (work direct line)
1-831-262-1974 (cell #)
dale.olson [at] safeway.com

Here is the contact information for Laree Renda at Safeway Corporate Office HQ..

5918 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, Ca. 94588-3229
1-925-467-3000 (HQ phone number)
1-650-722-0643 (cell #)
larree.renda [at] safeway.com

We also feel that supporters should contact the labor union(UFCW Local #5) that represents brother Young and demand that they step up the pressure on Safeway to reinstate brother Young. You can contact the president of this local union here:

President Ron Lind.
1-408-772-6609 (cell #)
rlind [at] ufcw5.org

Let's let Safeway know we aren't going to take this attack on our brother Ryan Young lightly! Please help us make our demands heard loud and clear!

We that thank you for your Solidarity & Support.