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Report from May Day 2012 in NYC (Radio Zapatista)
by radio zapatista
Tuesday May 8th, 2012 12:27 PM
As over 125 cities across the US and countless others around the world began to mobilize, Radio Zapatista headed into New York City to participate in the dense and diverse program of May Day activities. This special report features interviews and audio from the Free University at Madison Square Park; the "Pop-Up Occupation" at Bryant Park; the Occupy Guitarmy; the rally & concert in Union Square; and the massive march to Wall St...
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... for the most part, May Day 2012 in New York City was notably calmer than some of the simultaneous mobilizations which took place in other parts of the country. Yet the massive turnout of community organizations, students, workers, families, and all those who responded to the calls from the Occupy movement was an undeniable expression of an unprecedented and growing widespread anticapitalist consciousness in this country. We have much to learn still about how to organize transversally to build a stronger and broader General Strike… and as we do it we can think of the words of Big Bill Haywood, spoken here in New York City one hundred years ago: “A strike is an incipient revolution… Many large revolutions have grown out of small strikes…”