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Occupy Santa Cruz Info on SF Wells Fargo Protest; Occupy Meetings
by Various
Friday Apr 20th, 2012 8:13 PM
I'm reposting an announcement of a protest action against Wells Fargo up in S.F. coming up Monday and Tuesday as well as some local Occupy Santa Cruz meetings. For the information of visiting D.A.'s and police, these postings do not endorse any illegal actions, but they are part of a Conspiracy to Restore Justice. A lawful and righteous conspiracy.

I'm also including some abbreviated notes about Occupy Meetings. Fuller descriptions and more updates can be found at http://www.occupy.org .
Occupy Wells Fargo — Monday Schedule
Posted: 20 Apr 2012 09:13 AM PDT




4-5 p.m.: Outreach to Financial District workers and other 99%ers

5-8 p.m: 99% SPEAK OUT:

Come hear the stories and struggles of people on the front lines of the communities and movements of the 99% — impacted by and fighting Wells Fargo, big banks and Wall St.:

5-5:30 Foreclosure Fighters

5:30-6 Labor

6-6:30 Immigrant rights/prisons/detention centers

6:30-7 Feminists

7-7:30 Students

7:30-8 Environmental Sustainability


6-9 p.m.: Nonviolent Direct Action Training:

Prepare for the take over of the Shareholder Meeting the next day. Hands-on skills and info about how to engage in effective direct action and occupation, tools for de-escalation (and escalation) and dealing with arrest and legal consequences.

8-9 p.m.: Outdoor Film Screenings by Occupy SF Media:

A series of short documentaries on Foreclosure Fighter Victories, Bank Occupations, and Subervtisements.

9-Midnight: Silent Movies & Music and Wells Fargo Teach-In:

by the Occupy SF Ideological Liberation Work Group

Mortgage Mess: How Wells Fargo defrauds the public with mortgages every step of the way: from origination to securitization to foreclosure.

Predatory Lending: How Wells Fargo uses payday loans, student loans, and interest rate swaps to keep customers, students, and local governments trapped in a vicious debt cycle.

Too Big To Exist: How Wells Fargo abuses its powers as a large bank, from exorbitant bailouts and abusing the FED discount window, colluding with other banks to restrict any semblance of a free market.

Let’s show our solidarity and Monday start the heat on Wells Fargo!!!

General Assembly Notes of OSC for Tue 17Apr2012

-Occuhouse to be evicted any day now!
-UCSC Student Union calling for a general strike May 1st. There’s a march planned from campus to downtown

Working Group Reports
-Foreclosures: Ken Foster has accepted a short sale (he’s given up). He feels ok about it. He may be able to stay. The people buying the house are interested in a permaculture garden. Another house was auctioned on Monday (4/16/12). Still meeting with government peeps trying to get a code change for the county. Still working on it. Talked with the mayor and such. Will be asking judges some questions. Next meeting Sat. 4pm at the Octagon.

-Direct Action: Going to Wells Fargo shareholders meeting on the 24th in San Francisco. Working on carpool list. Meeting Wed 6pm and Sat also at 6pm at the Mission St. house. March at 4pm on May 1st, rally at 5:30pm at San Lorenzo. Movie showing Wednesdays at the courthouse 8pm.

-River St. Defense: Meetings on Mon. 3pm at Mission St. house. New webpage santacruzeleven.org

-Strategy Committee: Meets Sundays 12 noon at the courthouse.

-Legal: Ed Frey’s contempt court case April 27th at 1:30pm Department 2. Show your support!

-Got the Santa Cruz 11 petition onto the OWS facebook page and as of this GA it has 785 signatures! Also on the OSF facebook. Please go to these pages and leave your comments.