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Pop-culture biologist Elissa Sursara deletes Instagram and 60,000 followers
by Rosalyn Pego
Friday Apr 20th, 2012 1:27 AM
Pop-culture icon and conservation biologist Elissa Sursara has deleted her popular Instagram account, leaving behind more than 60,000 devoted followers and inspiring a wave of satirical social reactions, including a video of endangered animals in comical mourning.
Panda bears, lion cubs and and polar bears have united in mourning on YouTube this week after conservationist and wildlife expert Elissa Sursara announced she had deleted her popular Instagram account. Claiming it was necessary to better filter her online presence, the 24-year-old environmentalist removed excess social profiles from the internet, leaving only her Facebook and Twitter account active.
Her departure from the application inspired a wave of satirical social reactions, including a video of endangered animals in mourning.


Despite posting to her website encouraging users to sign up to Instagram and stating the platform has high social impacts for sharing content, the conservationist ultimately revealed she would be unable to continue posting media on the site.
"Although the platform is fun and a great way to connect and share content with my fans and support base, I have decided to remove my profile from the Instagram application. This comes as part of an attempt to cut back my online commitments and to help better organise my online presence," Sursara said.