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New Lead Surfaces in Cold “House of Death” Drug-War Case
by Bill Conroy
Thursday Feb 2nd, 2012 4:33 PM
Man on the Run From the “Cartel” Claims He Is a Witness to a Murder That Threatens the State
A new voice from the past has emerged in the House of Death mass-murder case — in which a US government informant is accused of assisting with up to a dozen murders, the bodies of the victims later found buried, covered in lime, in the backyard of a house in Juarez, Mexico.

This individual is himself a victim of the House of Death and claims to have survived its deadly grip by fractions of an inch after a bullet ripped through his head. And he has now stepped forward, out of the shadows, to tell his story.

In recent weeks, Narco News conducted a series of interviews with this individual, who asked that his name not be used because he asserts that he is still being pursued by “the cartel.”

In addition, this individual, whom we will call Juanito, has reason to fear the “Migra” in the United States will once again deport him, despite his long history of saying the pledge of allegiance in US classrooms.

If Juanito’s story is true, then what he saw and experienced during his time in Juarez, as the House of Death was playing out, could make him a key witness against a group of assassins operating under the cloak of Mexican law enforcement, who, according to multiple sources, are still at large and active in the trade.

Juanito appears to be part of the “spillover” from a prohibited business that mainstream media, for the most part, doesn’t see clearly or understand, and which could each day place any of us, kind readers, in the crossfire of a failed, deadly drug war that continues to reward its plundering generals with impunity.

Juanito’s story begins with an email:

"Am the surviver of the 01 15 2004 were Rodolfo Renteria cervantes was murder I got shot on the face need too talk about some things that I know about the cartel."

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