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Interview with Prof. Richard Wolff on Occupy, Crisis and Class Struggle
by CMCM Marin Access
Monday Jan 9th, 2012 10:08 PM
Professor Richard Wolff, author of "Capitalism Hits the Fan," in conversation with Robert Ovetz Ph.D. on the Crisis of Capitalism, Occupy and Class Struggle.
The first in a planned series of discussions about the crisis of capitalism with Robert Ovetz, Ph.D. We are looking for future guests so get in touch if you have new work related to this theme to share with our viewers.
by alexander scianna
( voltaire6 [at] verizon.net ) Wednesday Jan 25th, 2012 1:01 AM
There is a Richard Wolff but I think he spells it Wolffe who is a journalist on MSNBC; he defended Obama's speech how he saved so many jobs with the bail out of GM. At first I thought when Ed Shultz said we will be talking with Richard Wolff after the break... I waited hoping to hear Richard's take on Obama's bailing out GM... After listening to this Richard Wolffe I knew it couldn't be the same Richard Wolff author of Capitalism Hits the Fan... disappointing.... I see what is meant by the pendulum swinging from the neoliberals and back to the right conservatives. The nature of Capitalism... Yet, no one on the far left in the media ever talks about it. Why dosen't the media put real intellectual like the real Richard Wolff on main stream media?