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Thu Dec 8 2011 Legal Fund Established for Six Arrested at Occupy Santa Cruz and Held on $25,000 Bail
Police Raid and Destroy Occupy Santa Cruz Encampment in San Lorenzo Park On December 8th at about 7 a.m., approximately 100 police from across Santa Cruz County outfitted in riot gear raided the Occupy Santa Cruz encampment in San Lorenzo Park. The City of Santa Cruz and Police Department issued an evacuation notice on Monday, Dec. 5th to cease and desist all camping activity on Wednesday, Dec. 7th before 5 p.m.. Occupy Santa Cruz held a general assembly on Wednesday evening, and only a small number of people remained in San Lorenzo Park overnight.

The agencies conducting the raid included the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, police departments from Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville and UC Santa Cruz. State park rangers were also dismantling tents inside the park. Employees of First Alarm, a private security and policing corporation, were present as well.

Six people were arrested and are being held in jail. Arrestees are reportedly being held on $25,000 bail each (one exception being held on $50,000) for various charges, including failure to leave the park.

Supporters of those who have been arrested write, "These people urgently need support! There will undoubtedly be court and lawyer fees, along with the possibility of posting bail, so please donate to the legal support fund."

imc_photo.gifRead more and view photos | Support Needed For Occupy Santa Cruz Arrestees | imc_calendar.gifNoise Demo In Solidarity With OSC Arrestees

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