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San Diego Republicans want everyone as dumb as them
by Crazy Elephant
Friday Nov 11th, 2011 9:25 AM
While your at it sign this one.
One would have thought that the spelling on the sign would scare people away. I guess it was some kind of code to draw from the San Diego Republican base. These scare tables have been showing up all over San Diego. San Diego councilman Carl Demaio recently folded up his tables after Occupying Wal-Marts doorways for several months. Demaio's ballot measure seeks to destroy retirements by shifting workers to 401 K accounts.

I wonder if Carl has cut out a sweetheart deal for himself or his partner with a Wall St. firm for access to the San Diego City employees paychecks. Carl appears to many as the last kid to be picked for a backyard football game. Think about it the LGBT community would not pick him, Or how about the labor community? Democrats would rather play without Carl and what about his own Republican party? Maybe some Republicans would play with him, they just would not want any of their church supporters hearing them say " they scored with Carl"

Watch the video and learn about real Mexicans.