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Blockade Port of Oakland During Nov 2 General Strike
by Occupy Oakland
Saturday Oct 29th, 2011 1:12 PM
Resolution passed unanimously by the Occupy Oakland strike assembly on Friday October 29:

On Wednesday, November 2nd as part of the Oakland General Strike, we will march on the Port of Oakland and shut it down. We will converge at 5pm at 14th and Broadway and march to the port to shut it down before the 7pm night shift.

We are doing this in order to blockade the flow of capital on the day of the General Strike, as well as to show our commitment to solidarity with Longshore workers in their struggle against EGT in Longview, Washington. EGT is an international grain exporter which is attempting to rupture longshore jurisdiction. The driving force behind EGT is Bunge LTD, a leading agribusiness and food company which reported 2.4 billion dollars in profit in 2010; this company has strong ties to Wall Street. This is but one example of Wall Street’s corporate attack on workers.

The Oakland General Strike will demonstrate the wide reaching implications of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The entire world is fed up with the huge disparity of wealth caused by the present system. Now is the time that the people are doing something about it.The Oakland General Strike is a warning shot to the 1% – their wealth only exists because the 99% creates it for them.
REPORTING FROM NYC: At last Friday's General Assembly at Occupy Wall Street I announced Occupy Oakland's call for a general strike on Nov. 2 to a thunderous applause. Undoubtedly, there will be a massive turnout on Nov. 2 in Oakland with support from the occupy movement in other cities, as reported by one longshoreman from Philadelphia. News media in New York and internationally are focused on Oakland. Will it actually be a general strike? Historically unions have called and organized general strikes with adequate time to organize it. None of these conditions exist, nevertheless, the generalized pain felt over the deepening capitalist crisis and the outrage over the bloody police attack on Occupied Oakland, particularly on Iraqi Vet Against the War, Scott Olsen will generate a tremendous outpouring. Mayor Quan and her top labor cop, Sharon Cornu, former head of the Alameda Labor Council, should both be held accountable and removed from office. They're scurrying around unions like longshore, teachers and SEIU city workers trying to find out how workers will respond. Fools! Don't they understand that this is an irrepressible anger from below, not from above? Shut Oakland Down Tight!!