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Occupy Oakland Kicks Off Hella Strong on Day One, Speakers & Wall Street Call, 10/10/11: audio
by Dave Id
Tuesday Oct 11th, 2011 4:58 PM
On the first day of Occupy Oakland, nearly 1000 people gathered at Frank Ogawa plaza at 14th & Broadway, now dubbed "Oscar Grant Plaza" by occupiers. Speakers began on time at 4pm sharp as the crowd rapidly swelled in numbers. The audio here includes the full first hour of speakers, alternating between "human mic" and bullhorn, and ends with a call from Occupy Wall Street in support of the Oakland Occupation. A link to photos of many of the speakers can be found below.
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occupyoakland-dayone_oaklandersspeak-occupywallstreetcall_101011.mp3 21.3MB

(audio 1:02:00)

Occupy Oakland Kicks Off Hella Strong on Day One, Speakers & Crowd, 10/10/11: photos, 1 of 2

Hella Occupy Oakland, Day One, Surveying the Scene Just After Dark, 10/10/11: video

Occupy Oakland

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