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More than 100 protestors rallied against Wall Street on Hawaii island
by DLi
Tuesday Oct 4th, 2011 9:24 PM
More than 100 protestors held solidarity demonstrations in both Kona and Hilo on the island of Hawaii yesterday. The Hilo demo took place in front of the Merrill-Lynch offices; 4 policemen watched from an adjacent parking lot, but did not engage in any provocative actions since the rally was conducted with much Aloha spirit...
Still, the many creative and provocative signs held by the protesters--in Hilo almost half were young people, who are beginning to see that the Capitalist economy is a dead end--stimulated many positive response form passing motorists. "Money for Jobs, Not for War," "End the Fed," "Stop Bailouts for War & Capitalism" were just 3 of the more than 85 signs displayed at the Hilo demo. Several demonstrators even got interviewed by ESPN Radio, and they were able to air progressive analyses on the Collapsing Clunker Capitalist system to many listeners across the islands and perhaps even to North American audiences. It was an inspirational action by the very lively participants. Stay tuned for future progressive actions by the "99%" citizens!