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Guidelines for the "Spare the Fare" Action
by No Justice No BART
Thursday Sep 8th, 2011 3:31 PM
1) Our goal is to PROTEST RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FARE GATES and NOT TO GET ARRESTED. Please do not enter the paid area of the BART station unless people decide to do that as a group.

2) Pick a set of fare gates (there are 5 at Powell) and join the group that is there. Remind people in your group to keep the area in front of the station agent booth and emergency exits (the swing gates) clear!

3) Here are some suggestions for what your group may want to do in your area of the station: form a picket line * display a banner * link arms * sit down * hand out flyers to passengers * sing / make noise * chant.

4) Whatever you do, its important to stick together as a group. Staying close to one another helps keep us safe from the police, and it also will help make room for passengers who wish to move through the station.

5) Updates about the protest will go out over our twitter account @nojusticenobart. Text 'follow nojusticenobart' to 40404 to get updates on your phone (you may need to set up an account).


Police close the station and order us all out -> regroup above ground and march to another station.

The station is not closed, but police harass, brutalize, or arrest us outside the fare gates -> we will discuss what to do, and may choose to pass through the fare gates and move the protest onto the platform or we may regroup above ground and march to another station.

If police approach you: get camera people on the scene, to document any interaction. Be polite but insistent about your right to protest. Be as vocal as possible to draw attention. Be careful of police using the arrest of one person to maneuver others into a position to be arrested.

Arrest: Our legal hotline is 415-285-1011: WRITE IT DOWN ON YOUR SKIN. Use it to report arrests or get/give information about them.

Confrontation with passengers: try to de-escalate irate passengers by not engaging with them. Get the attention of other protesters and videographers, be vocal if you need to. If you speak with passengers, stay on our message, don't let it get personal.

Also search for information with these hashtags: #opBART / #noFARE